Editor’s Dozen: Neil’s Favorite Gear of 2021

In our latest video, Neil walks through 12 of his favorite cycling products that were new to him in 2021, bikepacking gear ranging from recycled bags to Neil’s new found favorite instant coffee, all priced under $150…

After testing a lot of great bikepacking gear each year, it’s always a challenge to whittle our favorites down into a single list. Our annual Gear of the Year Awards usually leaves a lot of excellent products on the table. This year, we’re continuing the tradition of our Editors Dozen lists, each containing a collection of things we found particularly useful while out bikepacking. To kick it off, here’s our latest video showcasing 12 gear picks that I became quite fond of in 2021.

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Product List

Here’s a list of the products mentioned in this video. If you’re interested in purchasing one of them, support your local bike shop and pick them up there if you can. Otherwise, if these aren’t available locally, you can use the links below to find it available online…

  • Vittoria Agarro Tires

    $75 at REI

  • Fillmore Valve

    $50 at Jenson

  • Ruby Steeped Coffee

    $16 at Ruby Roasters

  • Ritchey VentureMax XL Bar

    $105 at AMZN

  • Pearl X-Alp Summit

    $150 at M’s W’s

  • Outershell Handlebar Harness

    $60 at Outershell.com

  • Gaia GPS

    $40 at Gaia

  • Swiftwick Socks

    $15 at AMZN

  • Black Diamond Storm

    $50 at REI

  • Tent Labs Deuce #2

    $20 at REI

  • Silca T-ratchet

    $65 at REI

  • Rogue Panda (Recycled)

    at Rogue Panda

  • Deuce Spades Trowel Bikepacking
  • Silca T-Ratchet Torque Bike Tool
  • Reserve Fillmore Tubeless Valve Review

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