35mm Farr Headspace Stem: First Look

Remember the funky new Farr Headspace Stem we checked out last month? They just announced a more mountain bike-centric version for those running 35mm handlebars who prefer a short stem. We’ve been trying one out for the last week for this first look. Learn more here…

I was quick to admit in our initial first look at the Farr Headspace Stem that I wasn’t quite sure what the point was, and that’s partly why it’s so intriguing. The Headspace Stem has some resemblance to an 80s slingshot stem, uses a unique top-down bar clamp design, and is constructed from forged alloy with CNC finishings. The 70mm length left something to be desired though, so we were curious to see whether or not Farr was working on a shorter version. Turns out they have, and the new 35mm Headspace Stem is the result. It features a 50mm total length, 35mm clamp diameter, and the same Y-shaped design of the original version.

Farr Headspace 35 Stem
  • Farr Headspace 35 Stem
  • Farr Headspace 35 Stem
  • Farr Headspace 35 Stem

It also uses the same 70mm bar clamp width, so it pairs best with flat or low rise bars and can be integrated with their carbon and alloy Aero Clamp-On grips for additional hand positions. Unlike the longer version, it doesn’t have the lower crossbar at the front of the clamps, which should make mounting lights or GPS devices a little easier. I installed the shorter 50mm version on Emily’s Kona Hei Hei to see how she liked a shorter stem and there haven’t been any issues (as expected) with the stem so far. It’s an interesting component and definitely adds some retro flare and increased stiffness to whatever bike it lands on.

  • Farr Headspace 35 Stem
  • Farr Headspace 35 Stem
Farr Headspace 35 Stem

For those not running 35mm clamp handlebars, Farr has designed the body and clamps to accept some custom shims for 31.8mm bars. The 35mm Headspace Stem has a target weight of just 142g, about 20g lighter than the original 70mm version, and is slated to be available in March. Check out a detailed diagram below if you’re unsure about compatibility. The most important measurement is the 85mm clamp width, as many bars will rise or curve sooner than this.

Farr Headspace 35 Stem
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Weight (as tested): 141 grams
  • Weight (target): 142 grams
  • Place of Manufacture: Taiwan
  • Price: $105 USD
  • Manufacturer’s Details: RideFarr.com

Wrap Up

I think I already adequately summarized the Farr Headspace stem in our initial first look, which you can read here. As mentioned in my final thoughts from that article: “The Farr HeadSpace Stem doesn’t solve any problems or provide any improvement to your bike’s performance. Although it does a stand-up job at keeping your handlebars on your bike, it has some compatibility issues due to its extra-wide clamping area. So, what’s the point? It looks pretty dang cool and might provide the little dash of cockpit flair you’ve been searching for!”

Preorders are open now at RideFarr.com.


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