Ortlieb Fork-Pack Review: First Look and Install

Ortlieb recently launched the fully waterproof Fork-Pack, an interesting new quick-release, roll-top pack designed to add 4.1 liters of packing space to each fork leg (with or without eyelets). We had the chance to put some miles on one for this first look video review, complete with an installation guide…

Weighing just 264 grams (including mounting adapter), the new Ortlieb Fork-Pack is different from any other cargo bag or micro-pannier on the market. In typical Ortlieb fashion, the Fork-Pack uses a welded, roll-top design that’s completely waterproof to offer over four liters of storage. What makes it different is a unique quick-release adapter and mounting plate that can be attached to forks with eyelets as well as on forks without. We had a chance to install one in both manners and try it out for this video first look review. Find our first impressions and a how-to install guide below.

  • Ortlieb Fork-Pack Review
  • Ortlieb Fork-Pack Review
  • Ortlieb Fork-Pack Review
Ortlieb Fork-Pack Review
  • Actual Weight (Fork-Pack + Mounting Plate) 264 grams
  • Claimed Volume (per Pack) 4.1 liters*
  • Actual Volume (water fill test) 4.5 liters
  • Place of Manufacture Germany
  • Price $60 (per Pack)
  • Manufacturer’s Details Ortlieb.com

*Note: In the video, we state that the Fork-Pack has 3.2 liters of storage. We received this specification from the Ortlieb USA website where it was mistyped. According to Ortlieb, the proper claimed volume of each bag is 4.1 liters. To solve this, we performed a water fill measurement test and found that it held about 4.5 liters, so 4.1 liters is a relatively safe estimate, albeit slightly conservative.


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