Rogue Panda Canelo Handlebar Harness Review (video)

The Rogue Panda Canelo isn’t your typical handlebar harness. It’s built using a carbon bar anchored by rubber mounting spacers, a system that’s designed to be lightweight, stable, and provide room for cables. It also features their ingenious GlidePlate to protect your headtube while still securing the harness to your bike. Neil shares a detailed look at it in our latest video review…

Just when we thought the standard handlebar dry bag harness couldn’t be further refined, Rogue Panda Designs proved us wrong. The lightweight Canelo Handlebar Harness was designed to maintain stability on rough singletrack by using a completely new design. Neil got ahold of one to test this spring and summer and recently published this video review. Watch it below, then scroll down to find more photos and specs about the Rogue Panda Canelo Handlebar Harness.

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As Neil demonstrated in the video review, the Rogue Panda Canelo Handlebar Harness uses an ultralight carbon fiber bar that’s secured through two precision-cut rubber spacers. This not only makes a lightweight and ultra-stable system but also provides extra clearance for cables and levers in front of the handlebars. The harness is attached to the bars using the same grippy straps Rogue Panda uses with their other bags, and it has three compression straps that loop around the carbon bar to secure your favorite dry bag in place.

Rogue Panda Canelo Handlebar Harness Review video
  • rogue Panda Canelo
  • rogue Panda Canelo

The carbon bar and spacer system is a great innovation, but as Neil pointed out, the Rogue Panda Canelo Handlebar Harness also has another trick up its sleeve that makes it unique. The GlidePlate is designed to provide stability to the entire system and also protect your bike’s paint and headbadge. This small, semi-rigid component is made from a layer of lightweight HDPE plastic stitched to a layer grippy rubberized fabric. The plate is secured to the front of the head tube with an integrated webbing strap and the harness attaches to a short section of strap at the front of the plate that’s left slightly slack. This allows the harness to glide across the plastic plate so the handlebars can turn freely without constantly rubbing the bike’s head tube. Like the carbon bar mounting system, the Glideplate is uniquely functional, rounding out another innovative product from the minds at Rogue Panda.

  • Rogue Panda Canelo Handlebar Harness Review video
  • Rogue Panda Canelo Handlebar Harness Review video
  • Actual Weight: 226 grams (8oz)
  • Place of Manufacture: Arizona, USA
  • Price: $140 USD (without drybag)
  • Manufacturer’s Details:
Rogue Panda Canelo Handlebar Harness Review video


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