Salsa Cycles Direct Mount Thumb Screws Review

In our latest video review, Neil takes a look at Salsa’s newly released Direct Mount Thumb Screws after using them for several months. See how they work and why we really like them here…

Over the last few years, we’ve seen bolt-on frame bags become a little more mainstream. Most custom frame bag makers now offer a bolt-on option, especially for the down tube portion of the bag. And many bag companies, both large and small, offer readymade bolt-on top tube bags, fork bags, and other accessories designed to screw directly onto the mounts of a bike frame. Bike manufacturers have also reacted and adapted by adding more strategically placed mounts to allow such bags and accessories.

While this method of attachment offers a clean look, and less wear to the paint on the frame, it takes a little more effort to install and remove these bags. Last year, as I first wrote about in my Cutthroat review, Salsa Cycles came up with a pretty neat alternative to speed up the process and offer a few hidden benefits, specifically for their EXP frame bag. I’ve been using the Direct Mount Thumb Screws ever since on a variety of bolt-on frame bags and consider them one of my favorite little products in the last year. Neil has now been testing them for the better part of three months, and in our latest YouTube video, he shows how these neat little screws work and why we like them.

  • Salsa Cycles Direct Mount Thumb Screws Review
  • Salsa EXP Direct Mount Cutthroat Frame Pack
  • Weight 10 grams each
  • Thumb Area Diameter 23mm
  • Threaded Screw Length 20mm
  • Place of Manufacture Taiwan
  • Price $9.99 (package of two)
  • Manufacturer’s Details

You can order Salsa’s Direct Mount Thumb Screws from most bike shops who use QBP. If you don’t have access to a bike shop, the only place we were able to find them available to order right now is at Tree Fort Bikes.


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