With the new year upon us, we want to check in with you to find out what you’d like to see more (and less) of on the site in 2021. Find a short reader interest survey and a chance to win prizes for filling it out here…

In 2019, we launched the first-ever global bikepacking survey, to which thousands of you responded and provided tons of valuable feedback that we’ve used to shape the site, The Bikepacking Journal, and our YouTube channel since then. But it goes without saying that a lot has changed in the world in that time, and we want to take a moment to check in and hear what kind of content you’d like to see on the site in the year ahead.

Filling out this survey should only take a minute and will directly impact the kinds of posts we put together as we plan our calendar for 2021. We’d love to hear your thoughts via the form below, as well as any additional comments you’d like to make in the comments section. We appreciate your time and input!


As a thank you for your feedback, we’ll randomly select two respondents to receive a massive BIKEPACKING.com swag bag, including a set of our animal patches, sticker sheets, as well as several pieces of new merchandise and useful accessories that we can’t tell you about quite yet (more on that soon!). Please note that providing your email address below is optional, but we’ll need it if you want to be entered into the prize drawing.