From a sophisticated self-truing spoke system by Rene Herse, to the revolutionary Round Tuits from Velo Orange, to clipless slippers, this year’s April Fools’ Day roundup should start your day off right. Check out some of our favourite April Fools’ Day posts from around the web here…

The cycling industry has been known to take itself too seriously, which is why we always look forward to April 1st. We’ve gathered up some of the best April Fools’ announcements we’ve seen around the web, including some exciting new products from Revel, Kenda, Velo Orange, and more.

Revelate Designs Hawt Pocket

Designed alongside ultra-endurance athlete Lael Wilcox, the new Hawt Pocket is a multi-purpose handlebar bag for those grabbing food on to go and riding fast. It appears to have a magnet closure for the main pocket and two accessory side pockets for ice cream, fries, or your favourite gas station finds. Check out Lael’s Instagram post for more juicy details or you can try and buy one for yourself at

hawt pocket

Pearl Izumi Canine Collection

Pearl Izumi’s new Canine Collection is the result of an extensive collaboration with Alexey Vermeulen and his best pal Sir Willie the Wiener (@sirwilliethewiener). The first available is a speedsuit, specifically designed to optimize the aerodynamics needed while riding co-pilot on their human’s back.

Pearl Izumi Canine

World’s First Helium Infused Wheels

Although pumping up their tubes with helium would have been much easier, the folks at NOBL decided to infuse helium directly into the carbon layup of their rims. Infusing helium between every filament has allowed their team to create a rim that is literally lighter than air. The new tech is said to increase acceleration and make climbing easier, and we can’t help but think of the benefits for loaded bikepacking.

Velo Orange Round Tuits

Velo Orange just got their first round of Round Tuits, and it looks like the perfect solution for your springtime procrastination. “Need to put on new tires for the good weather coming up? Get a Round Tuit! Been putting off bringing your bike in to the shop for that springtime tune-up? Get a Round Tuit!” In all seriousness, you can purchase a Round Tuit from Velo Orange and 100% of proceeds will be donated to the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy. Grab one for $5 here.

Velo Orange Round Tuits

Omnium Cargo Tall Bikes

Omnium’s first container of Cargo Tall bikes have arrived at the new Omnium USA headquarters in Chicago. Available as a complete with Sram AXS and wireless brakes only.

omnium cargo tall

Park Tool NFT-1

The new NFT-1 from Park Tool is functional, compatible, and ergonomic. We’re just not sure exactly what it does.

Revel Enters the DownGravel Market

When I woke up this morning, I thought to myself, we need another bike category. Apparently, great minds think alike, as our friends at Revel have entered the #DownGravel market with their new high pivot, full-squish, mullet gravel rig. Ride anything, go anywhere, fly off cliffs.

revel down gravel

Chrome Slip n’ Clip

Weekday mornings can be a hectic time. Especially for those of us trying to fit in a quick trainer ride before heading to work. That’s where the new Chrome Slip n’ Clip comes in. It’s a slipper, it’s an SPD cycling shoe, and it’s practical. Learn more here.

Chrome Slip n Sip

Rene Herse Spoke Adjust System

Optimized for crosswinds, the new Rene Herse Spoke Adjust System is a self-truing spoke system is a game changer for anyone tackling long, windy rides with wobbly un-true wheels. The bladed spokes feature tiny motors in each spoke nipple that turn the spokes while the bike is moving, while the system detects which spoke needs adjusting. It’s all automatic and completely genius.

Rene Herse Fleecer Ridge Tire

“Traditional aero wheels are designed to head straight into the wind, which is usually the case when you ride at 50 km/h. But most gravel and adventure riders don’t ride at the same speed as Tour de France time trialists,” explains Jan Heine, Head of R&D at Rene Herse Cycles. “At gravel speeds, crosswinds can result in the airflow coming at a significant angle. Then bladed spokes actually perform worse than round spokes, increasing the overall drag of bike and rider by up to 3%.”

Industry Nine MX’er App: Swipe, Ride, Match

The MX’er app from Industry Nine is the perfect solution for anyone getting bored of their current setup. The app connects you with singles in your area looking to mix up their wheel size. “We’re hoping that the success of this app from all the ad sales and in-app purchases will allow Industry Nine to scale to a place where our Series C investor group will be able to yield maximum returns, allowing our exit to be a Scrooge McDuck-like dive into our money vaults. Our lasting hope is our employees will be able to replace all the old, beat down Tacomas and Subarus in the parking lot with fresh TRD Pros and Outback Wilderness Editions.”

Chromag Releases First High Pivot Hardtail

It was only a matter of time before Whistler-based Chromag Bikes entered the high pivot mountain bike scene, so it’s not totally surprising to see them announce the first high pivot steel hardtail. According to the press release, it took Chromag a whopping 10 minutes of research and development and adds 27% to the retail price of the bike. Head over to for the full scoop.

chromag high pivot hardtail

Kenda Infinity MTB Tire

In celebration of their 60th anniversary, Kenda has released what looks like one of the most progressive tread patterns yet. The Infinity MTB Tire combines the riding characteristics of their entire tire lineup, perfect for those who like unpredictable handling and traction wherever they go.

Kenda Infinity Pro

9point8 Auto Repair Stands

Responding to supply chain shortages in the auto industry, 9point8’s new Auto Repair Stand is the first product to be released under their new Motorsports Division. “Just like our Fall Line and Fall Line R dropper posts for bicycles, these Auto Repair Stands are all hand built and tested before leaving our shop to hold 700lbs of weight each! Watch out for other new products including an innovative steering angle kit known as the Slide-R and our on the fly adjustable short shifter kit for manual transmission cars! You’ll be able to raise or lower your shifter at the touch of our handy steering wheel mounted ThumB or Digit2.0 remote.”

9point8 auto

Larry vs Harry Bullitt X Box

After the successful release of their longest cargo bike yet, the new Bullit X Box will surely be interesting to anyone who’s bummed by current lead times. The kit provides everything you need to convert your existing Bullitt into a Bullitt X in a cheap an easy way. Simply cut your Bullitt in two pieces, superglue them back together using the Frame Extension Piece, and you’re ready to go!

Larry vs harry

Paragon Machine Works Square Tapered Headtubes

According to Paragon Machine Works “for years, builders have wondered how to easily make miters to properly intersect a tapered headtube. With this groundbreaking design, a straight cut is all that is needed.” The head tubes are manufactured in steel, titanium and niobium. Square bottom bracket shells and seat collars coming soon.

Paragon Square Headtube

Bentley Components Banned from the UCI

Yorkshire-based bespoke part manufacturer Bentley Components just announced their beautiful top caps actually increase your cycling prowess by 69% and have therefore been banned for the UCI. What a bummer!


European Bike Project Megatacky Gripz

The team behind Megatacky Gripz spent seven years engineering, designing and riding prototypes before they felt that they had found the right mix of tackyness, shape, and vibration damping. They feature recycled chewing gum and cat hairs, an ergonomic shape that will suit 98% of riders perfectly, are totally not recyclable, and are sold as individual grips (not in pairs).

PinkBikes’s First Look at the Kanguru Marsupial Pouch DIY Frame Storage Conversion Kit

Integrated frame storage is all the rage these days, but what about those of us running older frames without the newfangled tech for stashing tools and uncooked hot dogs? Well, the folks at PinkBike just published a first look at the Känguru Marsupial Pouch DIY Frame Storage Conversion Kit, and it looks like it solves all of these problems. “The DIY kit consists of a sharpie and a paper template for whatever shaped hinged door you’ve ordered, the 3D-printed door itself and a small tube of Super Glue to attach it, some safety glasses, and a high-RPM, 15 AMP corded angle grinder with a 7″ serrated cutting disc.” Check out the full story on PinkBike here.

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