Luke Cardew from Wholegrain Cycles, makers of Jack the Rack, had a chance to pop by the 2023 Taipei Bike Show in Taiwan last weekend. With his help, we’ve compiled a recap featuring 10 of the most interesting products from the event, many of which look to be a good fit for bikepacking. Find them here…

Event photos by Luke Cardew/Wholegrain Cycles (@WholeGrainCycles)

The Taipei Bike show might not receive as much recognition as other trade shows here in North America, but the manufacturers who attend are at the heart of cycling industry design and innovation. Luke from Wholegrain Cycles spent two days at the show, snapping photos and recording voice memos. With his help, we’ve put together a quick look at what we think are 10 of the most eye-catching products and innovations from the show. Check them all out below.

Kun Teng (KT) Industries Dynamo Hubs

Kun Teng is Taiwan’s largest producer of hubs and coaster brakes, and they were celebrating their 76th anniversary at this year’s Taipei Bike Show. They had a few of their latest dynamo hubs on display, including two thru-axle models (JH-KD7F and JH-KD5F) based around disc brakes, different spoke hole options, interchangeable end caps, and sealed cartridge bearings.

2023 Taipei bike show

TRP EVO 12-Speed Drivetrain

TRP isn’t exactly a household name for drivetrain components, but they’ve been earning some praise with their hydraulic brakes over the last few years, and their latest groupset looks like a solid competitor to Shimano and SRAM’s mechanical mountain bike drivetrains. We haven’t spent any time with their TR12 drivetrain, which was released in 2020, but the new TRP EVO 12-speed groupset looks like a huge improvement, even if just based on aesthetics. The groupset features a new look, a massive 10-52T cassette, an adjustable shifter thumb paddle, and more.

TRP EVO 12-speed

Rockbros Welded Bags

China-based bag maker Rockbros had their full line of frequency-welded, 100% waterproof bike bags on display, including panniers and frame, saddle, and handlebar bags. Like other brands, they found a unique way to integrate a BOA system to attach their small burrito bag onto the bars.

  • 2023 Taipei bike show
  • 2023 Taipei bike show

Juin Tech 6 Piston Brakes

Juin Tech is expanding its line of mechanically actuated hydraulic disc brakes to include 2, 4, and their new GTP-6 and GT-6 six-piston calipers. We haven’t had a chance to give Juin Tech brakes a test yet, but they look nearly identical to the Yokozuna Ultimo brakes Logan reviewed here, and they have fairly positive reviews online.

Juin tech 2023 Taipei bike show

Bikase ElastoKASE Phone Mount

Bikase was showcasing a simple phone mounting system to attach your phone to your handlebar. It looks like a slick option for navigating from your phone, which is becoming increasingly popular with cell phone tech and navigation apps getting better every year. It uses a cinchable elastic cord to secure your phone, and the handlebar bracket can accommodate bars from 24mm to 31.8mm.

  • 2023 Taipei bike show
  • 2023 Taipei bike show

New Schwalbe tires

Schwalbe was showing off some of their latest tire offerings in Taipei, including the G-One Overland (third from the left), race-oriented G-One RS (fourth from the left), and more. You can check out their entire gravel G-One series here.

2023 Taipei Bike Show

Yung Great International Co. Hidden Cable Lock

Yung Great International Co. won a D&I award at the 2023 Taipei Bike Show with their new hidden cable lock. One end of the lock lives inside your bar end, easily unthreading from the base when it’s needed, and tucks away out of sight while riding. It might not be the burliest lock out there, but it could be a good option for bikepacking and quick resupply stops.

2023 Taipei Bike Show

Maxxis Recycled Fishing Net Tire Casing

While Maxxis wasn’t displaying any new tire models at the show, they were excited to share their new Seawastex program that repurposes discarded fishing nets into some of their tire casings. The nets are depolymerized into nylon pellets, manufactured into a yarn, and will be used in their hybrid/commuter tire lineup first, and eventually rolled out into their entire lineup.

  • 2023 Taipei Bike Show
  • 2023 Taipei Bike Show
  • 2023 Taipei Bike Show

Beto Pre-loaded Mini Pump

Although we’re not totally sure if it’s a new product, Luke felt the Beto Pre-Loaded Mini Pump stood out enough to pick one up for himself. It appears the pump comes in several variations, including a high-volume model, and the press-on pump head and flexible hose make it look easy to use.

BETO pump

Zeno’s Q-Connector Brake Couplers

Last but not least, Zeno’s Q-Connector is a hydraulic brake hose coupler system that allows for instant, tool-free connecting and disconnecting of brake hoses. Their design provides a perfect seal and doesn’t require bleeding of the brake system, even after multiple uses. They offer components for both DOT and mineral fluid. ​​

2023 Taipei Bike Show
  • 2023 Taipei Bike Show
  • 2023 Taipei Bike Show



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