The new Bottle Cage Adapter from Apidura provides bottle mounting adjustability and allows the use of three-bolt cages with two-bolt mounts. Find more details and photos about the UK-based brand’s latest piece of hardware here…

Released this morning, the Innovation Lab Bottle Cage Adapter from Apidura is their response to customer requests for a water bottle and cargo mounting solution that works well with frame bags. Designed as a practical piece of hardware that solves a common problem—as with the rest of the releases we’ve seen from their Innovation Lab—the Bottle Cage Adapter is machined from anodized 6061-T6 aluminum and offers 55mm of vertical adjustment to move bottles out of the way of frame bags and it allows three-bolt cages to be affixed to two-bolt mounts (for example, to install a cargo cage on your downtube).

  • Apidura Bottle Cage Adapter
  • Apidura Bottle Cage Adapter
  • Apidura Bottle Cage Adapter

Commenters on Instagram and elsewhere have been quick to assert that this is a copy of the Minnesota-made B-RAD from Wolf Tooth Components, but it’s worth pointing out that Apidura’s Bottle Cage Adapter offers the unique feature of converting a two-bolt mount to a three-bolt one—though it’s hard to imagine that Wolf Tooth’s B-RAD didn’t directly inform the design of this new product.

Apidura Bottle Cage Adapter

The new Bottle Cage Adapter weighs just 22 grams and adds 4mm of stack to your cages. They’re sold individually for $23 and include a pair of stainless steel bolts for maximum scratch and corrosion resistance.

Head over to for additional details.

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