Archer Components’ new MFR Drop Bar Remote is a universal wired shift button that can be placed anywhere on your bars and pairs with their electronic D1X shifter. Learn more here…

Archer Components, the folks behind the interesting D1x wireless shifting kit we reviewed last summer, is back at it again with something that DIY-enthusiasts and tinkerers will surely drool over. The new Archer MFR (Multi-Functional Remote) is a universal drop bar remote made up of wired electronic shift buttons and a remote body that communicates with the derailleur-hacking remote we tested.

Archer MFR
  • Archer MFR
  • Archer MFR

The idea behind the MFR is that it allows the user to position the shift buttons anywhere on the bar, making it perfect for adaptive bikes, unique ergonomic issues, or anyone who wants to clean up their cockpit. What makes it more interesting is the splitters that Archer offers, allowing for multiple button positions and for DIY hackers to use their own switches. The possibilities are nearly endless. The MFR is USB rechargeable, offers 30 hours of ride time, and is fully compatible with all versions of the D1x shifting system—allowing you to trick your derailleur into working alongside cassettes with which it wouldn’t normally be compatible.

  • Archer MFR
  • Archer MFR

The MFR can be purchased on its own with two buttons for $59 USD or as a complete package with the D1x Trail Shifter for $329. Additional shift buttons are also available to purchase for $49. You have your choice of single, double, or split shift strands, as well as whether you want standard batteries or the new, faster-shifting Sprint batteries.

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