Mahalo My Dude’s Andrew Santos bought a $80 used mountain bike and set out on a 160km bikepacking trip in Costa Rica to get to a jungle hippie festival. Watch the wildly entertaining video about his trip here…

Posted by Logan Watts

Produced by IFHT Films, Mahalo My Dude is a side project run by a group of friends from the West Coast of British Columbia who travel, ride mountain bikes, and film their adventures. In this video, team member Andrew Santos embarks on a two-day 160 kilometer solo journey through the Costa Rican jungle aboard an $80 ’94 Trek Singletrack 930 that he found on Facebook Marketplace. His goal? To get to Envision Festival, a hippie music fest on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Will he survive the ride from San Jose? Or will he face utter doom in the jungle? Watch the rather entertaining story unfold below…

“If you’re gonna bikepacking Costa Rica, I highly recommend you track down an actual bikepacking route.”

  • bikepacking to a hippie jungle festival, Mahalo My Dude
  • bikepacking to a hippie jungle festival, Mahalo My Dude

Also, be sure to check out the film we posted from IFHT a couple years ago as the crew sets out on their first time bikepacking trip riding our Lower Sunshine Coast route.