BikeYoke just launched the Sagma suspension saddle. Here’s a video with details. What do you think?

Posted by Logan Watts

For those unfamiliar, BikeYoke is a German bike component manufacturer that was on the forefront of solving a common problem that plagues many dropper posts–eliminating “squishy posts” caused by internal floating piston air leaks. They also added an innovative air release valve to their posts for press-of-the-button bleeding. I’ve spent some time on BikeYoke’s Revive dropper post and am quite impressed. Now, BikeYoke has launched another interesting and innovative product, a saddle with two elastomer cushions to provide side-to-side suspension and dampening. The BikeYoke Sagma also features a carbon reinforced molded chassis and forged “H” beam rails (which fit standard posts). The elastomer cushions allow the saddle to rock back and forth, allowing your your pelvis to move as you pedal. According to BikeYoke it also dampens vibrations. Here’s their launch video.

The BikeYoke SAGMA saddle weighs 130mm (208g) and 142mm (219g) and will be available with different cushions so you can tune it to your own taste. The Sagma will be out in October for 129€ / $129US…