Collective Reward #007 is a nice selection of gear from Blackburn Design. The kit includes cargo cages, lights, and two tools…

For our seventh Collective Reward, we’re offering up an assortment of gear from Blackburn Design, makers of bikepacking bags, tools, and tons of accessories. The prize pack includes two Outpost Cargo cages, a set of their new Dayblazer 1100 lights, a Wayside Multitool, and the new Switch Wrap tool kit. To get signed up, become a Bikepacking Collective Member. If you are already in the Collective, you are automatically entered. Here are some more photos and details.

Collective Reward Blackburn

Blackburn’s new Dayblazer lights feature an 1100 lumen front light and a 65 lumen, multi-function rear light that can be clipped to a bag, or strapped to your seatpost. We haven’t tried them yet, but they look promising! Find some details over at

  • Blackburn Switch Wrap
  • Blackburn Anything Cage
Blackburn Wayside Multi-Tool Review, Bikepacking Tools

In addition to the Dayblazer kit, we’ve also included two of the bombproof Outpost Cargo cages, Cass’ favorite multi-tool, the Wayside, and the all new Switch Wrap, which includes the new Big Switch multi-tool (stay tuned for a review) in a frame wrap case. Get signed up!




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