This new Danish helmet safety PSA video is hilarious, very well produced, and worth a watch, whether you’re for helmets or indifferent. We highly recommend taking two minutes to check it out…

Yep, we know: not everyone wears a helmet while touring. And that’s okay for some people. Maybe there are times when you’re tackling a long climb, going slow, and being extra cautious. Personally, I wear one 99.9% of the time. But, I was also in the hospital for two weeks and very close to being in a coma when I was 12 years old following a bike wreck in my driveway. I wasn’t wearing a helmet. I know, that explains a lot, har har.

Either way, this post isn’t about the great helmet debate, or to convince anyone either way. I just wanted to share this new PSA from the Danish Road Safety Council that I saw over on CyclingTips. It’s laugh out loud funny, extremely well-produced, and definitely worth a watch.

You can go looting and pillaging all you want, but you have to wear a helmet.



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