If the new FlipFuel Fuel Transfer Device delivers on its promise, you’ll never have to pedal off into the backcountry with a half-full fuel canister again. Learn more about the tiny canister-consolidating device and how to get one here…

FlipFuel is a new Tempe, Arizona-based venture that’s selling an ingenious little gadget that they say allows you to transfer leftover fuel from one partially filled canister to another, saving you from ever having to guess if the remaining fuel in your half-empty canister will last through your post-ride dinner or moring coffee outside.

FlipFuel Fuel Transfer Device

Although we haven’t tried it ourselves to confirm how well it works, initial customer reviews appear positive. FlipFuel says it simply takes a slight difference in temperature between the two canisters to allow fuel to flow from one to the other, and it’s compatible with isobutane canisters, such as those from Jetboil, MSR, Snow Peak, and others. It weighs in at 1.44 ounces (41 grams).

It’s worth pointing out that the team at FlipFuel doesn’t seem to have invented anything with the Fuel Transfer Device, as you can find a handful of nearly identical units on Amazon, AliExpress, and elsewhere, though we’d not seen any of them until digging around for this post. What FlipFuel offers for a premium is a custom-anodized version of the device and a US-based company to interact with for warranty issues and other customer service requests.

  • FlipFuel Fuel Transfer Device
  • FlipFuel Fuel Transfer Device

The FlipFuel Fuel Transfer Device is available for preorder for $35 now, and units are expected to ship around the last week of December. You can find additional details and order one over at FlipFuel.co.



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