FURSA is a new video by Wahoo filmed in Kenya’s Masi Mara during the Migration Gravel Race. The video features footage of the race and its surroundings, alongside interviews with cyclists about the race and the opportunities gravel racing can provide East African cyclists…

Fursa is the Swahili word for opportunity. In Wahoo’s latest video, they document the four-day, 650-kilometer Migration Gravel Race and interview several of the athletes featured in our recent coverage, discussing the barriers to entry in professional road cycling and how gravel racing can create opportunities for East African cyclists that might not otherwise exist.

Conceptualized by Team AMANI, the Migration Gravel Race was created to provide athletes from Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda access to high-level international competition on their home turf, in turn sparking interest in gravel racing within those nations. In conjunction with the event, Team AMANI collaborated with Wahoo to identify four standout athletes who will be traveling to the United States to compete in premier events throughout the country this month (August, 2021). Shown clockwise below, Sule Kangangi (Kenya), John Kariuki (Kenya), Nancy Akinyi (Kenya), and Geoffrey Langat (Kenya) will be racing against other top gravel riders in SBT GRVL in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, the Belgium Waffle Ride in Asheville, NC, and Vermont Overland in West Windsor, Vermont.

  • Sule Kangangi
  • John Kariuki
  • Geoffrey Langat
  • Nancy Akinyi
Clockwise from upper left: Sule Kangangi, John Kariuki, Nancy Akinyi, and Geoffrey Langat
We have plenty of gravel roads in Africa and it’s possible for this sport to grow fast…
Migration Gravel Race Kenya, Sule Kangangi, Team AMANI
  • 2021 Migration Gravel Race Kenya
  • 2021 Migration Gravel Race Kenya
Images from Lian van Leeuwen’s coverage of the Migration Gravel Race.



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