For years, many of us on the team have been using Gaia GPS to navigate on backcountry trips in various corners of the world, and now we’re happy to be able to offer a Gaia GPS discount to our Bikepacking Collective members. Find the details here…

Posted by Lucas Winzenburg

Many of us on the team have been using Gaia GPS as our go-to navigation and offline mapping application for years, and we love it. We’ve used it to navigate across the US, Europe, South America, Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, and beyond, all with great success. So we were thrilled when the folks at Gaia GPS offered to extend an ongoing discount to our Bikepacking Collective members. The actual discount varies between 20% and 50%, depending on the level and duration of service you choose.

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A Bit About Using Gaia GPS

Gaia GPS works on both iOS and Android devices, and we think a subscription is money well spent. It’s updated regularly with new layers and features, and their support is excellent. Gaia is easier to use than a Garmin or other dedicated device, simply because your phone’s operating system is so much less clunky. For instance, it’s quick and easy to create named waypoints, zoom in and out of areas you’re planning to explore, and make a quick outline of your intended route. Downloading map tiles for offline use is a breeze. And if your route ends up changing or evolving as you ride, it’s an intuitive tool for scoping out the surrounding areas (instead of being locked into a predetermined route).

Unlike many GPS units, smartphones don’t need to be tethered to a computer to import and export your files. If you want to import a GPX file of an intended route – whether it’s one that’s been shared with you, or you’ve created in a tool like Google Earth – it’s simply a case of attaching it to an email and opening it straight into Gaia. And you can sync all your routes online, creating both backups and an opportunity to share them.

Get Your Discounted Membership

A standard Gaia membership normally costs $20 for one year or $100 for five years, but Bikepacking Collective members pay just $16 and $48, respectively. Premium Gaia memberships usually cost $40 for one year or $200 for five years, and Bikepacking Collective members pay just $32 or $128. If you haven’t yet joined our Bikepacking Collective, sign up now and you’ll automatically receive a discount link in your welcome email (along with lots of other great benefits, the full list of which can be seen here). Already a member? You should have received an email titled “Collective Reward 1-25 Winners” with a link to our Gaia member portal – just let us know if you need it to be resent!

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