Stage 3 of the 2,000-kilometer GBduro is wrapping up today with just one more stage to go. Jaimi Wilson finished to retain her lead in the women’s category and entire field is thinning out to set things up for an interesting Stage 4 finale…

Photos by Breakaway Digital (@breakawaydigital) and Tommy Check (@theracingcollective / @tommy.check)

Stage 3 of the GBduro is mostly wrapped up with all the lead riders settling in at Checkpoint 3. From Garrigill, Stage 3 of the GBdivide enters the wild North of Scotland, finishing in Fort Augustus at the southwest end of Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands. This stage is only slightly more forgiving than the second, featuring another 6,700 meters of climbing packed into a comparably generous 485 kilometers.

The big comeback story that played out on Stage 3 was that of 25-year-old Ollie Hayward from Kidderminster. Ollie was a favorite going into the GBduro, but was plagued with knee issues early on that threatened to cut his race short at the end of Stage 2, where he stopped short to rent a hotel room and recover. Ollie seemed to turn on the gas for this stage, however, riding through the night and finishing just 1 hour and 20 minutes after Angus Young, which was still significantly faster than Lachlan Morton’s 2019 FKT on this stage.

  • GBduro Stage 3 Recap
  • GBduro Stage 3 Recap
Ollie Hayward at CP3 (left)

Mark Beaumont put in another solid effort, riding through the night to retain his overall second place slot. That wasn’t without consequences, however. Mark had a 3-hour walk down Corrieyairack Pass due to a slashed sidewall making the descent completely unrideable. Mark limped into Fort Augustus just a little over five hours after Ollie but still has a 14 hour lead over him for second place overall in the GBduro. That pretty well clinches his place on the podium, barring any further catastrophic setbacks.

  • GBduro Stage 3 Recap
  • GBduro Stage 3 Recap
Mark Beaumont at the start of Stage 2 (left); his hacked tire at CP3

As Ollie was putting the pedal down, Jaimi Wilson’s overall race standing started to drift. Jaimi sat in a third place overall after a strong finish on Stage 3 and needed to reach CP3 before 6:30PM to retain that spot. After riding through the night, Jaimi rolled up around 7:00pm, sealing the top women’s spot on the stage, but relinquishing third overall to Ollie by a slender margin of 25 minutes. This should make for an interesting contest to watch in stage 4. Adding to that, Carl Hopps finished at CP3 just 10 minutes before, securing his fifth place spot just an hour and change behind Jaimi.

GBduro Stage 3 Recap
Jaimi Wilson off at the start of Stage 3

Alice Lemkes also had a strong ride, but stopped mid-stage for a rest, allowing Jaimi to pass her overnight. Alice finished about three hours after Jaimi, taking the second place spot in the women’s category for this stage. Philippa Battye also took a rest mid-stage to recover and finished third.

GBduro Stage 3 Recap
  • GBduro Stage 3 Recap
  • GBduro Stage 3 Recap
Alice Lemkes pedaling fast mid-stage

Stage 4 should be quite interesting, with 5th place Carl Hopps, 4th place Jaimi Wilson, and 3rd place Ollie Hayward all within about two hours of one another in the overall standings. The short 380-kilometer finale kicks off in the next day or two and should be a fun one to watch. Find the standings below and stay tuned for more!

GBduro Stage 3 Recap
Philippa Battye rolling on a paved stretch near Hadrian’s Wall on day 1 of Stage 3
  • GBduro Stage 3 Recap

GBduro Stage 3 Winners

Here’s a list of the top three finishers from both the men’s and women’s categories for Stage 3.

  • 1st (Men’s) Angus Young (24H:42M)
  • 2nd (Men’s) Ollie Hayward (26H:06M)
  • 3rd (Men’s) Mark Beaumont (31H:26M)
  • 1st (Women’s) Jaimi Wilson (34H:55M)
  • 2nd (Women’s) Alice Lemkes (37H:53M)
  • 3rd (Women’s) Philippa Battye (40H:32M)

Overall GBduro Standings

With over 45 riders starting the GBduro, dozens either scratched or didn’t make the cutoff for the next stage. There are now 13 participants that are set to take off on Stage 4 tomorrow. Here’s a list of all riders and overall GBduro standings. Stay tuned!

  • 1st Angus Young (091H:02M)
  • 2nd Mark Beaumont (112H:41M)
  • 3rd Ollie Hayward (126H:36M)
  • 4th Jaimi Wilson (127H:01M)
  • 5th Carl Hopps (128H:58M)
  • 6th Philippa Battye (134H:26M)
  • 7th Nick Spener-Vellacott (140H:37M)
  • 8th Alice Lemkes (146H:38M)
  • 9th Emily Harper (150H:14M)
  • 10th Chris Simpson (164H:14M)
  • 11th Victoria Peel (172H:37M)
  • 12th Ed Milbourn (178H:03M)
  • 13th Simon Wareing (190H:36M)
TrackerWe’re planning several updates during this year’s GBduro, so stay tuned. Check out the event Tracker page to follow along on the live tracking map and watch for updates. Find it here.
GBduro Stage 3 Recap



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