Goodyear tires returns to the bike market with a full line of tubeless ready tires, including three interesting mountain bike tires that all come in 29 x 2.6″ casings, a gravel tire, and a touring tire that comes in widths up to 50mm…

It’s funny how brands get embedded into our memories. When I got this press memo, I was immediately taken back to when I was five years old. As a perk to his job, my father and I got to fly in the Goodyear blimp one sunny fall afternoon in Wisconsin. In what are somewhat hazy memories by this point, I recall being in absolute awe at the sound of the low drone from the blimp’s internal workings as we magically moved through the sky. Personal associations aside, Goodyear is something of a household name for tires. And although most cyclists likely haven’t seen the winged, sandle-shod foot logo on a bike tire, the Goodyear name first appeared on a bicycle tire way back in 1898.

Goodyear Mountain Bike Tires

Now, 120 years after their original bicycle tires, Goodyear has introduced a new lineup that covers road, gravel, touring, and mountain bikes. According to Goodyear, the line was developed with Rubber Kinetics and utilizes refined compounds and casings that were purpose-built for their intended environments. Available in progressive sizes like “wide trail,” Goodyear claims their bicycle tires offer leading-edge performance in traction, wear, rolling efficiency, and puncture resistance.

Goodyear Mountain Bike Tires

There are two casing options available throughout the line – Premium and Ultimate – although the actual TPI count hasn’t been disclosed. There are also several tread compounds, casing protection layer options, and plenty of technical details, all of which are linked at the bottom of the page if you’d like to learn more. Let’s take a look at a few highlights from the range:

Goodyear Mountain Bike Tires

There are four tires in the MTB range. Here they are in the order in which they’ve piqued my interest:

Goodyear Escape Mountain Bike Tires

Goodyear Escape

The Goodyear Escape is positioned as a broadly capable trail tire and is available in 27.5 x 2.35″ or 2.6″ and 29 x 2.35″ or 2.6″ casings. According to Goodyear, the Escape offers versatile off-road performance in all conditions and is suitable for a broad range of terrain. The Escape features wide spaced, sharp square knobs for grip and is available in Ultimate and Premium casings with DYNAMIC:R/T compound. The top of the line 29 x 2.6″ Ultimate weighs in at 1,093 grams per tire.

The Goodyear Escape is priced from $65-$80, depending on the size and casing. Learn more here.

Goodyear Newton Mountain Bike Tires

Goodyear Newton

The Goodyear Newton features a deep tread, stout side knobs, and is designed to provide surefooted traction in all conditions. Befitting a tire named after the man who defined the laws of gravity and motion, the Newton is targeted for enduro and downhill pursuits. The Newton is available in 27.5 x 2.4″ or 2.6″ and 29 x 2.4 “or 2.6” casings, in several casing layers and protection layer options.

The Goodyear Newton is priced from $70-90 depending on the size and casing. Learn more here.

Goodyear Newton ST Mountain Bike Tires

Goodyear Newton ST

The Newton ST is Newton’s big brother, destined for aggressive trail riding and downhill racing. According to Goodyear, the Newton ST delivers fast-rolling performance, superb braking traction, and aggressive bite in the corners. Open concept, multi-siped, ramped center knobs reduce rolling resistance, while tall, arch-supported side knobs provide ample braking and cornering grip in all trail conditions. The Newton ST is available in 27.5 x 2.4″ or 2.6″ and 29 x 2.4″ or 2.6″ casings, in several casing layers and protection layer options.

The Goodyear Newton ST is priced from $70-$90, depending on the size and casing. Learn more here.

Goodyear Peak Mountain Bike Tires

Goodyear Peak

The Peak is Goodyear’s attempt at a fast XC tire. The Peak features a round profile, close-spaced tread, and supple casing, all designed for low rolling resistance. The Peak is available in 2.25″ width only for 27.5 or 29″ tires. It comes in both Premium and Ultimate casings with Dynamic:A/T compound. The Ultimate 29er version weighs 697 grams per tire.

The Goodyear Peak is priced at $60-$70, depending on the size and casing. Learn more here.

Goodyear Gravel Tires

Goodyear released two gravel tires:

Goodyear Gravel Tires

Goodyear Connector and County Gravel Tires

The Connector is the more aggressive of the two and is touted as Goodyear’s “gravel adventuring” tire. The Connector features a versatile tread pattern with tightly-spaced center knobs combined and aggressive side knobs mated to Goodyear’s Tubeless Complete construction. According to Goodyear, the result is a fast rolling, high-volume, high-grip, all-terrain tire that’s ready for everything from backroads to singletrack. The Connector is only available in 700C x 40mm and is priced at $60-$70, depending on the casing.

The Goodyear County is a semi-slick tire with wide spaced side knobs and a smooth center tread to minimize rolling resistance. According to Goodyear, the R:Wall sidewalls and Tubeless Complete construction ensure enhanced durability and fewer flats when the going gets rough. The County is available in 700C x 35mm for $60-$70, depending on the casing.

Learn more about the Connector and the County.

Goodyear Touring Tires

In addition to the Eagle all-season road tire (not shown), Goodyear launched a touring range with the Transit:

Goodyear Transit Touring Tires

Goodyear Transit Tour

There are two tires in the Transit Range. The Transit Speed, geared more toward urban bikes, and the Transit Tour, a tire that was modeled after Goodyear’s Assurance All-Season automobile tire. The Transit Tour combines a durable construction with siped directional tread that, according to Goodyear, offers unsurpassed all-weather traction. Reflective side strips enhance night visibility while the S5:Shell under-tread protection and Tubeless Complete system provides robust flat protection and a comfortable ride.

The Goodyear Transit Tour is available in 35, 40, and 50mm widths in both 650b and 700C sizes. It’s priced from $34-$50 depending on the size and casing. Learn more here.

The entire Goodyear line should be available very soon. According to our media contact, Hawley/Lambert is the sole North American distributor and key retailers should already have product en route to them now.

Interested in the tech terminology and specs behind these tires? Click here for information about tread compounds, find more info about the casing specifics here, and details about various protection layers here.



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