We recently stumbled upon a superb selection of Grant Petersen’s film photos from bike trips in 2004-2006 over on the Rivendell website. Find a few of our favorites and a link to see the full gallery here…

Normally housed in a well-worn photo album at Rivendell headquarters in Walnut Creek, California, a selection of founder Grant Petersen’s photos from around 2004-2006 were recently digitized and published on the Rivendell site, with more to come.

This first batch of images beautifully captures a variety of riding and camping trips out their back door on now-classic Rivendell models, heading to Shell Ridge, up Mt. Diablo, and beyond. You might even recognize our friend Daniel Molloy, a former Riv employee who went on to launch Tumbleweed Bicycle Company. Find a handful of photos below, along with original captions from Grant.

Rivendell Bikes, Grant Petersen
Dan at the Rocky Point. Early June ’06. There’s always a bunch of clouds there, in the morning. Atlantis.
Rivendell Bikes, Grant Petersen
Tetsu Ishigaki. Legal Singletrack on Mt. D. Feb 25, ‘06. Tetsu is the main builder at Toyo, the small frame shop in Osaka, where our Atlantis, Rambouillet, Saluki, Romulus, and Glourius & Wilbury are made. He loves to ride and surf. We could set him up with the former, and did. He should’ve been wearing more suitable shoes! Saluki. Rivendell editor’s note: Our frames aren’t made at Toyo anymore, although Tetsu is still a friend.
Rivendell Bikes, Grant Petersen
John & Grant. Near Burma Trail. Winter ‘04. Eating soup-for-dinner. Those are the lights of Broadway Shopping Centre in the background. Self-timed photo, slow shutter speed. You can see the headlight dangling around my neck, moving some. No bikes pictured but John had his Atlantis, and I think I was on one too.
Rivendell Bikes, Grant Petersen
Tetsu Ishigaki. Canyon Singletrack. Feb 25, ‘06. I don’t know the name of the trail, but it is a singletrack and it’s in a canyon, so… There were four of us at an overlook, resting, and I wanted a picture of somebody riding there, so I sent Tetsu down. I’d never be this far ahead of him, otherwise. This is yet another legal singletrack on the mountain. It’s a spectacular ride, as good as it looks. Saluki.
Rivendell Bikes, Grant Petersen
John & Mark. Shell Ridge. Winter ’06. A view from my tent, in the morning. Not a great shot, but it wasn’t posed and I wanted to shoot something. That’s my… Atlantis with Albatross bars. A basket in front, a Hoss saddlebag in back.

See the full set of images at RivBike.com. You can also keep up with Rivendell on Instagram @rivbike, where they’ve been posting these shots and lots of other amazing work.



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