Hammerhead just announced their new Karoo 2 bike GPS device. Joe’s been using the original model and loves it, so we’re excited to see details about the new model unfold. Learn more here…

Hammerhead has just announced their Karoo 2 GPS bicycle computer, the followup to the Karoo. If the new unit continues along the path of refinement and high functionality that we’ve seen in the original, it will be a compelling navigation option for everything from daily rides to ultra-endurance races to far away trips (we miss those latter two).

  • Hammerhead Karoo 2
  • Hammerhead Karoo 2

Named after the semi-desert natural landscapes of South Africa that are the home territory of one of the company’s founders, the Karoo has one of the most sophisticated and friendly user-interfaces on the market with a razor sharp color screen and quick touch response. Maps render quickly and with incredible detail. And with a commitment to frequent software updates, Hammerhead has achieved a highly versatile computer for every kind of riding.

The original was notably larger and heavier than market competitors, so Hammerhead has made the Karoo 2 smaller and lighter to compete with offerings from the likes of Garmin. Riders also missed a speaker for audible turn-by-turn and other signaling directions, and Hammerhead has indicated that the Karoo 2 has added one.

Photos above of Joe Cruz’s original Karoo; new model promises to be smaller and lighter weight.

The Karoo remains Joe Cruz’s favorite dedicated computer for gravel rides and dirt tours. He reports that the Android-based operating system and the smart design—button placement, tactile response in the rain, battery life—makes for the best user experience out there, and the Karoo 2 promises to capitalize on these.

We don’t have any firm details on pricing (the original was US$399) or exact release date but will keep you posted. Sign up for more information at Hammerhead’s announcement page.



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