The latest Barnoldswick, England-made product from Hope Technology is the fully serviceable Hope Pro 5 Hub, which builds on the reliable fan-favorite Pro 4 by implementing several key design changes. You can learn what’s new and find more photos and a launch video here…

Just announced, the Hope Pro 5 Hub is the Barnoldswick, England-based manufacturer’s latest precision-made component, and it builds on everything they’ve learned about designing and manufacturing hubs since 1993. As a long-awaited update to 2016’s Pro 4 Hub, they say the Pro 5 is made to meet and exceed the demands of current and future bike tech.

Hope Pro 5 Hub
  • Hope Pro 5 Hub
  • Hope Pro 5 Hub

A couple of key updates found in the Pro 5 are new zero-drag Labyrinth seals and a revised ratchet and pawl system with new springs, both of which are designed to up the load capacity and durability compared to its predecessor. The revised six-pawl freehub design boasts an updated 108 points of engagement (up from 44) to offer a more responsive feel. Taken together, Hope says these design changes offer “the right balance between speed of pick-up, load capacity, durability, and drag.”

Hope Pro 5 Hub

Outside, the hub shell has a new profile that adds stiffness without increasing the weight. It also houses a revised axle design that facilitates the use of bigger bearings in an improved arrangement to fit the latest freehub standards and increase load capacity. The Hope Pro 5 is available in several versions to accommodate a range of disc fittings, spoke counts/designs, freehub bodies, and frame and fork standards.

  • Hope Pro 5 Hub
  • Hope Pro 5 Hub
  • Hope Pro 5 Hub

The Pro 5 is also designed to be fully serviceable and rebuildable using only simple tools. And, should any part need to be replaced, Hope is committed to making spares available for 10 years after the hub is someday discontinued. Hubs are offered in a variety of vibrant colors as well as classic silver and black. Price start at £95/$115 for a front hub and £220/$265 for a rear hub, and complete wheels are also available for purchase.

Hope Pro 5 Hub Features

  • Improved sealing to stop dirt ingress and to reduce drag
  • New Labyrinth seal has zero drag for incredible freewheeling performance
  • New Pawls/Springs design to increase longevity, load capacity & a reduction of drag
  • Increased engagement from 44 to 108 with a new offset 6 pawl freehub design
  • Wire cut pawls from high strength steel for maximum strength
  • New step down axle design for a stiffer more durable freehub
  • New hub body profile for increased stiffness without adding weight
  • Ebike Specific hub designed for the demands of ebikes
  • Fully serviceable and rebuildable with simple tools
  • Available in 24, 28, 32 and 36 hole drillings
  • Available with all modern freehub bodies
  • End spacers can be easily swapped to suit different frame and axle standards
  • 6 bolt or Centrelock disc fitting

Launch Video

For a more detailed look at the new Pro 5 Hub, dive into this comprehensive video from Hope:

You can learn more over at



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