We’ve announced a ton of new bikes in 2020—over 150, all told! Here are 30 of the more interesting 2021 models we identified. Which ones are your favorites?

There have been a lot of new bikes introduced in 2020. I suppose that’s a good thing considering they’re selling out extremely quickly. Just in the New Bikes section of our Dispatch alone, we’ve announced over 150 this year. Many were color or kit changes from previous models, but there are a lot of new bikes, or redesigned and updated models, too. Of course, there are more drop-bar bikes than anything else, and my personal wish would be more hardtail options, but there are still a lot of great looking new rigs coming out in droves. We put together a list featuring 30 of the more promising models we saw (that we haven’t already reviewed), and we’d love to hear which are most interesting to you. Cast your vote for three below and we’ll post the results next week…



New Bikes

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