Just launched, the Outdoor Ambassador Collective (OAC) connects outdoor creatives, brand ambassadors, advocates, and sponsored athletes and was created to strengthen the community and influence the outdoor industry. Learn all about it here…

We are stronger when we work together is the tagline of the newly launched Outdoor Ambassador Collective (OAC). Founded by Sarah Swallow and Brian Doll, the organization is dedicated to bringing outdoor creatives, brand ambassadors, and sponsored athletes together to foster a stronger, more connected community. The hope Sarah and Brian had when starting OAC is that the collective power of all members in this otherwise fractured field will contribute to the growth and development of this type of work, and ultimately have a positive influence on the greater outdoor industry. Read the full press release from OAC below.

Outdoor Ambassador Collective
From OAC:

At the OAC, we strive to provide resources and support to help strengthen, improve, and protect our work as ambassadors for outdoor brands. We also provide a platform for members to network and collaborate with each other.


Over 250 professionals have already signed up to join the collective ahead of our launch. Through sharing our stories, adventures, and passion, we increase awareness, build loyalty, provide valuable feedback, create a personal connection, and increase sales for our partner brands. We can’t wait to see how this community grows, learns, and shares with one another.

We recognize the power of our profession and are committed to making it more sustainable, accessible, and equitable. We are dedicated to providing networking opportunities, resources, and data to help empower and equip outdoor ambassadors with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed. We are committed to closing the gender, racial, and financial gaps in the outdoor industry so all ambassadors can benefit from its many opportunities. Together, we can continue to grow and learn so that we may continue to shape the outdoor industry we all aspire to be a part of.
Join the Collective

If you are interested in joining the community, please fill out the application form to apply. Upon submitting your application, you will receive an invitation to join our private Slack community.

If you’re a media representative, brand representative, or individual without an active brand partnership, sign up for our newsletter to stay up-to-date with the group! You can also follow us on Instagram!

The Founding Team

Sarah Swallow is an adventure cyclist, community organizer, and content creator who has been making a living from brand partnerships since 2015. In a relatively new profession that is constantly changing with technological advances and the economy, Sarah has always found it challenging to navigate rates, contract protections, and deliverable expectations for brand partnerships. Through many conversations with colleagues, Sarah knew she wasn’t the only one frustrated by the opaqueness of the profession.

In December 2022, when Sarah’s three-year contract with a long-term brand partner was abruptly terminated two years early with no explanation or recourse, Sarah created a sign-up form to gauge the interest of an outdoor ambassador collective. To her surprise, over 250 people signed up.

Since Sarah launched her sign-up form, she has heard countless stories from professional outdoor ambassadors about their experiences when negotiating contracts with outdoor brands. These stories revealed a stark and disheartening reality: many ambassadors are far from fairly compensated for their work. All too often, Sarah has heard the same disturbing message from ambassador after ambassador–the brands are the ones reaping the most benefit from these contracts, while the ambassadors are left feeling taken advantage of and not adequately compensated for their efforts.

To counter this alarming trend, Sarah is now working to help empower outdoor ambassadors and ensure they receive the pay and recognition they deserve. She hopes to level the playing field and make sure that each ambassador is treated fairly and compensated commensurate to the work they provide.

Brian Doll, cyclist, marketer, and father of an accomplished mountain bike racer, volunteered his time and services immediately to help make this community the best it can be. As a result of Sarah and Brian’s collaboration, the Outdoor Ambassador Collective was born in April 2023.



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