22-year-old Raequan Wilson is riding 846 miles in memory of Black individuals who have been killed by Minneapolis police, and he’s aiming to build a movement of inclusivity and raise $18,000 to create a safer community in the process. Learn about #IRide4Them here, along with a link where you can donate to help him reach is goal…

Since Saturday, 22-year-old Raequan Wilson (@raequan_veganthighs) of Minneapolis, Minnesota, has been riding 84.6 miles per day in memory of Black people who were killed at the hands of the Minneapolis Police Department over the past 22 years. He’s calling the project #IRide4Them, and each day his route pays tribute to a different individual, beginning at the site where they were killed. His ride represents a demand for members of the Black community to be able to lead free and fearless lives, and seeks to both honor fallen individuals and uplift present and future generations of Black people in Minneapolis. Here’s an overview of #IRide4Them, directly from Raequan:


I am Raequan Wilson, a 22-year-old Black man residing in Minneapolis, MN. I have a passion for cycling and my community. I’m excited to bring these two passions together for something greater than me: #IRide4Them.

#IRide4Them is a movement of inclusivity for those who are creating an anti-racist world through cycling and other outdoor activities. The unjust deaths of numerous beautiful black people across the world and in our neighborhoods continue to pump the brakes on our chances to excel as a race. It is up to us to take charge and pave the way for inclusion, leadership, and comfort in our communities.

  • IRide4Them, Raequan Wilson
  • IRide4Them, Raequan Wilson
  • IRide4Them, Raequan Wilson

August 1st-10th, I will be riding my bike 84.6 miles per day. Each day I will begin at a different site. Each site will represent where a Black person was murdered by a police officer in Minnesota in the past 22 years. The eight hundred and forty-six miles I ride is a demand for the right of the Black community to live FREE and FEARLESS. This ride is not only for the fallen in our community; it is for the communities we live in now and for future communities.

I ask that you be one of 846 people to join me on my 10-day journey by donating $8.46 as well as following and using the hashtag #IRide4Them on social media. A portion of the fundraiser is to build a safer community by providing lights and helmets to people in need. Another portion will be to fund the monthly 84.6-mile bike ride in honor of the other fallen black people. I encourage you to choose a day to engage in an outdoor activity that empowers you to fight racism and track your activity for 8.46 miles, 84.6 miles, or if you’re up for the challenge 846 miles.

Due to social distancing, I will be riding solo. I encourage you to get active using the hashtag #IRide4Them with people from your household or solo.

In addition to his daily rides, Raequan has also been sharing some moving thoughts and a tribute to each individual on Instagram. Beyond asking people to follow and take part in his journey—which will continue through August 10th—he’s asking for donations via GoFundMe to help buy lights and helmets for riders in need, as well as organize monthly rides. To date, Raequan has raised just over $12,000 of his $18,000 goal. We’ve donated, and hope you’ll consider doing the same.



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