To celebrate the history of pioneering women in cycling, GCN recently released Trailblazers, a new documentary narrated by ultra-endurance legend Jenny Graham. Learn more about it here…

In Trailblazers, Endurance Cyclist Jenny Graham takes viewers through the 130-year history of women in cycling and meets some extraordinary riders along the way—from the unsung heroes of the 1800s who paved the way for today’s top riders, to the winning athletes of modern races such as the 4,000-kilometer Transcontinental Race. This is paid subscription-based content, but you can watch the free trailer below.

  • Trailblazers, Jenny Graham
  • Trailblazers, Jenny Graham
  • Trailblazers, Jenny Graham

“The bicycle industry was responsible for a large part of female empowerment.”

Trailblazers is part of Global Cycling Network’s new platform, GCN+. Learn more over at Also, be sure to check out our Rad Women of Bikepacking series from March of this year.



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