This weekend, Lachlan Morton will ride from Munich, Germany, to the Ukrainian border to raise money for GlobalGiving’s Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund. Learn more here…

On Saturday, Lachlan will set out from Munich and ride 1,063 kilometers in one push, heading northeast through the Czech Republic and into Poland on his way to his destination, the Korczowa – Krakovets border crossing. Lachlan’s goal is to raise $50,000 for Ukrainian refugees.

According to a blog post from EF Education, Lachlan Morton was in Spain racing the Gran Camiño when he heard the news that Russia had invaded Ukraine, which is when this idea was conceived. Read an excerpt from the release below, and scroll down further to learn how to donate and track Lachlan’s progress on the map.

Press Release from EF Education:

He was sitting with his teammate Mark Padun at the breakfast table. Mark is from Ukraine. His friends and family were now living in a war zone.

“That made it hit closer to home, having a teammate who is directly impacted by it,” Lachlan says. “I found it hard to focus on trying to get ready for a race when something so significant was happening in the world. I’m a pretty optimistic person generally, but in the past couple of weeks, I’ve just felt that there has been very little to be excited about. It’s hard to get your head around. It’s surreal in a way. You watch the news, and the news is so heavy that you almost just disengage from it, because it is too much.”

“Honestly, I don’t know what people should do. I don’t know what I personally can do,” he says. “It is difficult to fully concentrate because you are aware that a war is still happening in your country. What the people of Ukraine need is for the war to be stopped. But what Lachlan is doing is good. The more people who are speaking about this, the better. It is great that he is raising money for Ukrainian refugees, too.”

“It feels like it is some far-off, distant terrible thing that is going on, that is almost a world away. But the reality is that it is not. So, I hope that covering that distance on a bike, and interacting with people on the way, will help to cement the reality of it a bit more.”

Mark Padun still has close family and friends in Ukraine, and the last few weeks have left him with a feeling of helplessness.

GlobalGiving’s Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund is raising money to help Ukrainians who have had to flee the Russian invasion. The fund works with local partners to provide Ukrainian refugees with the aid they need most right now. Donations will help to provide Ukrainians with shelter, food, clean water, as well as health and psychological support and access to education and economic assistance. To further Lachlan’s efforts, EF Education First, Cannondale, and Rapha have combined to donate $100,000 to the relief fund.

Lachlan hopes that you will contribute to the Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund’s efforts. Everything counts.

You can learn more about GlobalGiving’s Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund and donate here.

To donate and track Lachlan’s ride, click here.



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