The new AbsoluteBLACK GRAPHENpads brake pads use unique cooling fins, a graphene backplate coating, and an organic friction compound that they say offers better predictability and power. Learn more here…

Stepping beyond the oval chainring game, AbsoluteBLACK just released a range of disc brake pads that they say mark “the new era of braking confidence and consistency.” After three years of development, they believe their new GRAPHENpads offer the perfect combination of power, initial bite, and modulation through long descents. Their unique design has also proven to reduce disc pad and rotor temperature by up to 35% compared to the competition and completely eliminate brake fading.

  • AbsoluteBLACK GRAPHENpads
  • AbsoluteBLACK GRAPHENpads

So, how did AbsoluteBLACK achieve this? The GRAPHENpads back plate is entirely covered in a graphene heat dissipating coating, providing a more efficient transfer of heat between the friction material and cooling fins. They are also the only pads to date that completely eliminate copper, which will be labeled as a toxic material in California by 2025, according to AbsoluteBLACK. They claim their unique design offers more power, faster braking, no brake fade as things warm up, and quiet operation on even the longest descents.

GRAPHENpads are made in Europe in a facility that specializes in organic brake pad production and testing, and are offered in several models that should fit most major brake calipers. Prices range from $36 all the way up to $61 USD, which includes two pads and one spring.

Head over to to see the lineup and learn more about their testing and performance. We’ll be trying to get our hands on some soon to try out for ourselves.



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