Dynaplug just upgraded their most popular tire plugging tool by adding dual tubes to the Racer tool to double the number of preloaded plugs. Learn more here…

There are a lot of tubeless tire plugs out there for bikes these days, but Dynaplug has one of the most unique solutions for fast repairs. They just introduced the Racer Pro, combining the quick-to-deploy features of current Racer tool with their Twin Tube design to hold two pre-loaded plug tubes per side. That means that it has four plugs total, ready to go.

Dynaplug Racer Pro
  • Dynaplug Racer Pro
  • Dynaplug Racer Pro

Machined in Chico California from US-made billet aluminum and stainless steel, the Racer Pro weighs 26g, only 2g more than the prior Racer. The Racer Pro comes with snug snap-on caps protecting both sides. These pop off to expose the end of the Dynaplug tire plug, either the classic size with wheel-friendly soft brass tip or the aluminum Megaplug for extra-large punctures. The Dynaplug Racer Pro Kit Includes:

  • Dynaplug Racer Pro tool
  • 3 Soft-Tip Plugs (Pointed tip)
  • 1 Megaplug (Bullet tip)
  • 2 Double-sided Twin Tube insertion tubes (1 with Megaplug on one side and 1 with two Classic Size tubes on the other)

The new Dynaplug Racer Pro retails for $54.99. Learn more over at Dynaplug.com.



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