ENVE just released a new dropper post and lever designed specifically for drop-bar bikes that’s also seatpack and saddlebag friendly. Find details on the new G Series Dropper Post here…

ENVE just released an all-new dropper post built expressly for lightweight modern gravel bikes. The G Series Dropper Seatpost features 40mm of drop with a 27.2mm diameter and an inverted design that they claim sheds mud and works with saddlebag straps. Additionally, the alloy seatpost tube allows excess length to be trimmed off for more weight savings. Find more details and specs below.

Enve G Series Dropper Post
  • 40mm of dropper travel
  • 375g (with up to 40g in cuttable weight savings)
  • Mechanically actuated
  • Compatible with most cable-actuated dropper post remote levers
  • 27.2mm Diameter
  • Includes shims for 30.9mm and 31.6mm
  • Fully Serviceable
  • Bikepacking seatpack-friendly
Enve G Series Dropper Post
  • Enve G Series Dropper Post

Additional Specs from ENVE:

  • Material: Alloy
  • Saddle Angle Adjustment: 0-25 degrees
  • Offset: 0mm
  • Length: 350mm (275mm useable length)
  • Min Insertion: 75mm
  • Max Insertion: 210mm
  • Saddle Rail Compatibility: 7x7mm, 7x9mm, 7x10mm

The ENVE G Series Dropper Post retails for $325. Find details over at ENVE.com.

Enve G Series Dropper Lever


The G Series Dropper Lever is designed for multi-position engagement of the G Series Dropper Post or any mechanically actuated dropper. ENVE claims the push/pull design allows for dropper post actuation from both the hoods and drops.

  • Enve G Series Dropper Lever
  • Enve G Series Dropper Lever

The ENVE G Series Dropper Lever works with any mechanically-actuated dropper and sells for $65 over at ENVE.com.



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