Shimano is expanding its 12-speed component family with a new 2 x 12 GRX Di2 system, complete with updated dual control levers, a clutch-equipped rear derailleur, and shifting optimized for off-pavement riding. Dig into the new Shimano 2 x 12-speed GRX RX825 Di2 system and limited edition GRX SPD pedals here…

Shimano’s highly-anticipated 2 x 12 GRX Di2 drivetrain builds on its GRX Di2 11-speed and GRX 12-speed systems, bringing their collection of gravel-riding componentry together with updated wireless shifting and the wide-range benefits of running a front derailleur. The new 2 x 12 GRX Di2 system includes improved cockpit ergonomics and an evolved wireless Di2 platform for fast, precise shifting.

The best part? The new 12-speed GRX Di2 components (shift levers, available satellite switches, front derailleur, and rear derailleur) are compatible with the existing 12-speed GRX crankset, cassette, and brakes (non-Di2) components released last year. GRX RX825 Di2 is compatible with the 48/31T RX820 crank, 46/30T RX610 crank, 11-36T HG710 cassette, and 11-34T R9200, R8100, and R7100 cassettes.

ST-RX825 – Hydraulic Disc Brake Dual Control Lever

The new Shimano Dual Control levers use wireless 2 x 12 Di2 connectivity, feature an anti-slip coating on the brake lever surface, have three Di2 buttons per lever for E-TUBE PROJECT Cyclist app customization, and are powered by replaceable CR1632 batteries with an expected lifespan of 3.5 to 4 years. According to Shimano, the levers use a “gravel-optimized body shape cross-section for seamless integration with flared handlebars. Rounder in shape, the transfer from handlebar to hood is smoother and creates a larger surface area to help eliminate pressure points.” The levers weigh 415 grams/pair, including calipers, and retail for $556.99 each.

Shimano GRX RX825 Di2 Lever
  • Shimano GRX RX825 Di2 Lever
  • Shimano GRX RX825 Di2 Lever

Accessory Di2 Shift Switches

Another key advantage of the Di2 system is its Accessory Di2 Shift Switches, which can be placed on the tops, drops, or on aero bars for seamless shifting without having to move your hands. Like the third button on the GRX Di2 dual-control levers, these satellite switches can be assigned various functions, including shifting of either derailleur or controlling compatible lights and cycle computers.

SHIMANO SHADOW RD+ RD-RX825 Rear Derailleur

The Shimano RX825 Rear Derailleur uses its SHADOW RD+ clutch design, with its convenient on/off switch and quieter, more precise shifting while engaged. The derailleur is the communication hub of the Di2 drivetrain, connecting wirelessly with the other components, and it also houses the system’s charge port and the multi-function button, which allows riders to easily check battery level, pair via Bluetooth, and enter adjustment mode for both derailleurs. It’s compatible with 11-34T and 11-36T cassettes, weighs 310 grams, and retails for $409.99.

Shimano GRX RX825 Di2

Shimano FD-RX825 Front Derailleur

The new FD-RX825 Front Derailleur uses a wider +2.5mm chainline for improved tire and mud clearance, is compatible with 2 x 12 systems, and weighs 142 grams. The launch of RX825 also coincides with the debut of Shimano’s new FRONT SHIFT NEXT functionality, which allows you to program any 12-speed Di2 button to shift the front derailleur to whichever chainring you are not currently using and then toggle back and forth using the same button. This new firmware is compatible with all of Shimano Di2 12-speed systems. It weighs 142 grams and retails for $209.99.

Shimano GRX RX825 Di2

Shimano GRX SPD M8100-UG Pedals

To coincide with the GRX 2 x 12 Di2 release, Shimano has also announced the new limited edition GRX SPD M8100-UG pedals. The pedals share the same design and features as their popular Deore XT SPD pedals but are finished with Shimano’s “United in Gravel” graphics for some added flare. They use a dual-sided SPD connection, offer adjustable spring release tension, weigh 342 grams, and cost $138.

GRX SPD M8100-UG pedals

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