Fresh out of Orucase’s Design Lab, their new top tube bag has an interesting magnetic zipper that offers immediate one-handed access while on the move. Check it out here…

The latest product to come out of Orucase’s Design Lab is a new top tube with an interesting take on incorporating magnets into the opening. Instead of a magnetic flap, like the design popularized by Revelate Designs’ Mag-Tank, the Orucase Top Tube Bag has magnets stitched into the opening, essentially creating a magnetic zipper. Orucase claims the design “allows for instantaneous one-handed opening and closing.”

Orucase Top Tube Bag

The Orucase Top Tube Bag has two removable velcro straps on the bottom, as well as grommets for frames with top tube bosses. There is a grippy non-slip material on the base of the bag, plus a line-loc paracord strap for attaching the bag to the steerer tube. There is an electronic cable port at the front for charging/powering gadgets on the go, and the bag offers a solid 1L of storage.

  • Orucase Top Tube Bag
  • Orucase Top Tube Bag
Orucase Top Tube Bag
  • Capacity: 1L
  • Dimensions: 8x4x2″
  • Material: Dimension Polyant X50
  • Place of Manufacture: California, USA
  • Price: $50 USD
  • Manufacturer’s Details:

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