Some of our favorite grips were just revamped with a single clamp… introducing Oury V2 Grips.

For many years the made-in-USA Oury grip was my go-to for singletrack mountain biking. They have large, comfortable, and soft rubber pads that are super grippy and offer a little extra vibration dampening compared to other grips. My last pair of double-sided lock-ons finally got worn to shreds a couple years ago, so I’m excited to see them rereleased with a much needed upgrade. The Oury V2 grips feature a single sided lock-on clamp! They are available now in five colors for $35: Blaze Orange, Candy Red, Graphite, Jet Black, and Deja Blue.

  • Oury V2 Grips
  • Oury V2 Grips

Oury V2 Grips, full specs

  • Length 5 1/3″ long measuring front clamp to end of grip (135 mm)
  • Inner diameter 7/8″ (22.25 mm)
  • Outer diameter 1 1/3″(33 mm)
  • Bolts 3 mm SCM-440 CRMO steel for ODI lock jaw rings
  • Weight 4.3 ounces (122 grams)
  • Place of Manufacture USA
  • Price $35
  • Manufacturer’s details



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