In the latest episode of “Outspoken,” guest Taylor Phinney insightfully and eloquently recounts his transformation from World Tour pro cyclist to multimedia artist, raising questions around achievement, fame, impact, and permanence. Listen in to the entrancing deep-dive here…

Taylor Phinney (@taylorphinney), one-time darling superstar and future hope of American road cycling, shocked the scene with his abrupt exit from the sport in 2019. Kicking off the third season of Thereabouts’ podcast, Outspoken, Phinney opens by articulating the confining aspects of pro-racing that led to him eventually leaving it all behind at what seemed to be the peak of his career. As we dive deeper into the episode, it becomes clear that Phinney—friendly, honest, creative, and fiercely outspoken—has so much more to give to the world than just race results.

Taylor Phinney, Outspoken Podcast

Challenging assumptions of what a former pro-cyclist can be and should do, Phinney now pours his energy into artistic pursuits and building mountain bike trails around his home in Girona, Spain. Of course, he still rides his bike, but now mostly for fun with enduro kids half his age. Citing the advantages granted to him early in his life, he says his way forward lies in giving back to the world in as many forms as he can. Packed with insightful commentary and supported by immersive sound design, this episode of Outspoken is well worth your time. Listen in below:

Thereabouts · Outspoken – Taylor Phinney
“I think my goal in life is to express myself as clearly, as openly, as powerfully as possible… Expression and intention is everything.”—Taylor Phinney

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