Quebec-based Panorama Cycles just became the first bicycle brand to be certified carbon neutral by Climate Neutral. Learn more about their certification here…

In response to the climate crisis, Quebec-based Panorama Cycles earned their carbon neutral certification by measuring and offsetting all of their 2020 carbon emissions. They pledged to reduce future emissions, too. Although purchasing carbon credits isn’t anything new, Panorama Cycles is the first bicycle brand to earn their certification through Climate Neutral, which is considered the leading consumer label designating carbon neutrality.

“For the year of operation 2020, we offset all of our greenhouse gas emissions by purchasing carbon credits, a little less than the equivalent of 400T of CO2”, explains Simon Bergeron, engineer and co-owner of Panorama Cycles. “We therefore had to analyze and question all of our activities, including the transformation of materials for the manufacturing of our bicycle frames, the fabrication of these, as well as all transport related to the supply chain. The projects that we support by our carbon credits are in phase with reforestation and soil conservation, critical issues of our era, which are also strongly related to the purpose of our company, namely off-road and backcountry cycling.”

Panorama cycles

Panorama Cycles joins a growing list of outdoor gear brands that are taking steps against climate change, including Outer Shell, Portland Design Works, and HydraPak. Head over to to learn more.



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