Looking for a 31.8mm dropper lever for your drop-bar 29er or gravel rig? PAUL Components just released the 31.8mm Dropper Trigger. Here are the specs and details…

Posted by Logan Watts

As evidenced in our Artisan Dropper Lever post from a few months ago, it’s hard to beat the aesthetics, craftsmanship, and incredibly smooth and solid feel of PAUL Components’s 22.2mm Dropper Trigger. So we’re excited to see a 31.8mm option for drop-bars that appears to feature the same level of quality. In effort to accomplish the best possible cable routing scenario for this model, PAUL used a radiused actuator design to allow the cable housing to exit the perch at a 90^ angle to the bars. Following the lead of the 22.2 lever, the 31.8 Trigger features a double-stacked sealed cartridge-bearing design to give it an extremely smooth lever feel, eliminate any play or slop, and provide maximum durability and serviceability of the pivot. To top it off, the 31.8mm Dropper Trigger has a hinged clamp to allow easy installation without the removal of your handlebar tape or brake lever. It also features a small barrel-adjuster for fine tuning. Here are the specs and some pics.

  • PAUL 31.8mm Dropper Trigger
  • PAUL 31.8mm Dropper Trigger
  • PAUL 31.8mm Dropper Trigger
  • PAUL 31.8mm Dropper Trigger
  • PAUL 31.8mm Dropper Trigger
  • Frame/Fork American 6061 Aluminum
  • Weight 40g
  • Finish Anodized or Polished
  • Anodized Colors Black, Purple, or Silver
  • Place of Manufacture Chico, California
  • Price $90 or $108 for Polished
  • Manufacturer’s Details PAULcomp.com

The PAUL 31.8mm Dropper Trigger is available now for $90 in Black, Purple, or Silver and $108 for Polished.