Portland Design Works (PDW) just launched an interesting headlight that’s powered by a portable power bank and can be bolted directly to your bike or strapped to a handlebar. Check out the PDW BYOB Headlight here…

The new PDW BYOB (Bring Your Own Battery) Headlight looks like an interesting option for anyone on the hunt for a versatile light for bikepacking, commuting, and beyond. Unlike most bike lights that either have built-in batteries, replaceable batteries, or are powered from a dynamo hub, the BYOB Headlight is designed to plug into any standard USB-A port on any portable power bank—hence the “BYOB” name.

According to PDW, this allows the user to choose the size/capacity of the power bank depending on their needs and easily swap it out for a fresh one when it’s time. Because the light itself doesn’t need to be recharged, you can permanently bolt it to your fork crown at just the right angle or use the handlebar mount for easy removal.

PDW BYOB Headlight
  • PDW BYOB Headlight
  • PDW BYOB Headlight

PDW BYOB Specifications

  • Headlight mounts to handlebars or bolts to fork crown
  • Precision lens focuses beam onto the path in front of you, not into the eyes of oncoming traffic/riders
  • Weatherproof machined alloy body
  • 350 lumens/100 LUX
  • 8+ hrs/16+ hrs runtime on 10k/20k mAh power bank
  • Store power bank in handlebar bag, frame bag, basket, or just strap to your stem/top tube with a Voile strap
PDW BYOB Headlight

The PDW BYOB Headlight costs $80 USD and is available now from RidePDW.com.

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