PNW just released the Coast, an air-sprung suspension dropper post featuring 40mm of suspension and up to 120mm of travel. Read on for the details…

Posted by Miles Arbour

Seattle-based PNW Components just announced an interesting new product that might appeal to bikepackers, commuters, and gravel cyclists alike. As far as we know, the Coast is the world’s first air-sprung suspension dropper post, combining the ride smoothing benefits of a suspension post with the versatility of a dropper. On the suspension side of things, you get 40mm of tunable travel delivered by an internal air spring. PNW combined this with a dropper post to help get your saddle down and out of the way for tackling steep descents in the mountains and pulling off classier dismounts in the city. PNW claims the new Coast suspension dropper post results in up to 80% more fun, but then goes on to explain that “this study wasn’t scientific.”

  • PNW Coast Suspension Dropper Post
  • PNW Coast Suspension Dropper Post
  • PNW Coast Suspension Dropper Post
  • PNW Coast Suspension Dropper Post
  • PNW Cost Suspension Dropper Post

The Coast will set you back $180 USD for the 30.9 or 31.6mm models with 120mm of drop, and $200 for the 100mm, 27.2 model. All are available with internal or external cable routing, and are compatible with your choice of PNW lever, including their drop bar lever.

PNW Coast Features

  • Diameters: 27.2, 30.9 or 31.6mm
  • Drop Travel: 100 (27.2) or 120mm (30.9/31.6)
  • Air Suspension: 40mm
  • Cable Routing: Available with internal or external cable routing
  • 3-year Warranty

We’re not exactly clear on all the details—such as weights, whether you can lock out the suspension, and how much it’s adjustable—but we’ll post an update when we know more. Stay tuned for a review as we hope to test one. Until then, head over to to learn more.


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