Our friend Hannah from RAR ATL and the Queer Cyclist YouTube channel put together a “favorite bikepacking cook kit” video featuring her budget, sub-$100 kit. Watch it here…

We love hearing about other folks’ bikepacking cook kits (as you can see by the links in the related content grid below). It’s always fun to see what kind of Tetris-like assemblages people figure out to keep their kit light, compact, and bike-friendly. In Queer Cyclist’s latest video, Hannah goes through her recently revamped, ultralight, and affordable cook kit.

“This is my favorite minimal cook kit that I take with me on my bikepacking trips. It’s super minimalist, budget-friendly, and compact. It holds everything you need for an overnight trip or weekender.”

Here’s what’s in the $95 cook kit:

  • Toaks 750ml pot ($35)
  • Toaks foldable spork ($11)
  • Wildo Fold-a-cup ($12)
  • Titanium stove ($17)
  • BIC lighter ($1)
  • Z-packs stove stuff sack ($13)
  • 3.9oz fuel canister ($6)

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