Curious about the science behind being self-supported in an ultra-endurance bikepacking event and what it means to be truly alone? Radiolab producers Cat Jaffee and Rachael Cusick explore the subject as it relates to Cat’s battle with cancer and Lael Wilcox’s disqualified ITT on the Arizona Trail last year. Listen here…

When bikepacking, how do mental and physical challenges differ when you’re alone versus with others? Does the emotional boost of seeing or being with others create a physiological advantage and make a challenging experience less challenging than it would be when we are truly alone? Radiolab contributor Cat Jaffee wondered this as she was immersing herself in her newfound competitive bikepacking interest. She found her way to a sport that celebrated the solitude that was forced on her and used self-reliance to cope with her illness and recovery.

Radiolab digs into this complex subject in their latest podcast episode, Alone Enough, which features interviews with Lael Wilcox, Sofiane Sehili, Rebecca Rusch, and Arizona Trail Race director John Schilling as they share their stories and try to uncover the science behind being truly alone. You can hear the full episode below.

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