This week’s Reader’s Rig is our friend Kenny’s Surly Cross-Check, a bike that’s equally likely to be carrying him on a long ride or strapped to the front of his packraft. Find out more about Kenny and his rig here…

Words by Kenny Sexton (@hypemankenny)

Hey there, I’m Kenny. I’m a carpenter and I live in south Minneapolis with my stinky best friend, Donkey the Boston Terrier. When I’m not riding my Cross-Check, you can likely find it strapped to my packraft on Minnehaha Creek.

Reader's Rig, Surly Cross-Check, Alpacka Raft

There’s not much I can say about the Cross-Check that hasn’t been said before. The bike doesn’t do anything particularly well but can do almost anything. I’ve always had a quiver of bikes, but this is the one that I find myself grabbing for most rides. As I get older and wiser, I’ve stopped caring so much about N+1 and have focused more on making the bikes I have the best they can be—a never ending project when you’re a tinkerer like me.

  • Reader's Rig, Surly Cross-Check, Swift Industries, Alpacka Raft
  • Reader's Rig, Surly Cross-Check, Alpacka Raft
  • Reader's Rig, Surly Cross-Check, Shimano XT Derailleur
  • Reader's Rig, Surly Cross-Check, Paul Touring Cantis
  • Reader's Rig, Surly Cross-Check, Hope Pedals

This Cross-Check started its life as a stock build and I’ve slowly swapped out pretty much every part on the bike. The only original bits are the wheels, shifters, and front derailleur. The build is inspired by our Lord and Bicycle Savior, Grant Peterson. I often say this is a Surly that wishes it was a Rivendell. The bars/stem came from Blue Lug in Japan, another bicycle muse. My next big project will be building a new wheelset with a dynamo up front. Sometimes I run it with fenders, but they tend to get in the way on my packraft.

Reader's Rig, Surly Cross-Check
  • Reader's Rig, Surly Cross-Check
  • Reader's Rig, Surly Cross-Check
  • Reader's Rig, Surly Cross-Check
  • Frame/Fork Surly Cross-Check
  • Rims Alex DA16
  • Hubs Shimano Deore
  • Tires Bruce Gordon Rock n Road
  • Handlebars Nitto RM-3 Dirt Drops
  • Headset Chris King
  • Crankset White Industries Eno 30/46
  • Pedals Hope F20
  • Cassette Shimano 11-34
  • Derailleur Shimano Tiagra (front) / Shimano XT 9 speed (rear)
  • Brakes Paul Touring Cantis
  • Shifter(s) Shimano bar end
  • Saddle Brooks C17
  • Seatpost Nitto N65
  • Stem Nitto MCR65
  • Front bags Swift Industries Jr. Rangers
  • Accessory bags Revelate feed bag
  • Other accessories Tubus Duo rack, Nitto M12 rack, Wald 137 basket, Vegan Safety Pizza
  • Reader's Rig, Surly Cross-Check, Safety Pizza
  • Reader's Rig, Surly Cross-Check
  • Reader's Rig, Surly Cross-Check, Brooks C17

I recently got rid of my pickup truck, so I have a couple trailers I like to pull behind the bike. I have a B.O.B. I use for groceries and tool hauling and a dog trailer I got at a garage sale for bringing Donkey on camping trips.

Keep up with Kenny on Instagram @hypemankenny.

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