Our Reader’s Rig of the week comes from Udo Kewitsch in Bavaria, who shares his Pinion-equipped Rennstahl 931 fat bike. Find more about Udo, his bike, and the lessons he’s learned during his nearly 40 years of mountain biking here…

Words and photos by Udo Kewitsch (@wwwudokahde)

Dear all, my name is Udo. I’ve been located in the Bavarian Alps since 1971, and I’ve been an enthusiastic (mountain) biker since the end of the 80s when I started climbing the hills of the Chiemgau. Climbing higher and riding more, I decided to cross the Alps for the first time in 2002.

Rennstahl 931 Pinion

Twenty years later, I can look back on 20 trips across the Alps. Inspired and rather infected by this kind of “virus,“ I wrote two books about my adventures (Faszination AlpenX and Bd1 + Bd2), and later on, I started a blog. Crossing the Alps became a passion, and I also got more and more into bikepacking in the last decades, traveling to Kathmandu-Pokhara, Alaska, Ireland, many European spots, and last but not least, before the pandemic stopped us all, my beloved adventure in Mongolia at the end of 2019. Of course, I do not own only one bike. You know the golden rule of N+1, but in this case, I’m proud to present an exceptional one: my Rennstahl Pinion 931 Fatbike.

  • Rennstahl 931 Pinion
  • Rennstahl 931 Pinion

This Rennstahl is a very special edition bike. It’s built from stainless steel (with a titanium fork) and running exotic Kuroshiro rims. Rennstahl built a few of these fatbikes and sold them worldwide. Sometimes, it must be love. I saw this bike in shop, and the decision was made. Naked, it’s wonderful and nearly slim, but built up for bikepacking adventures, it is a faithful friend.

  • Rennstahl 931 Pinion
  • Rennstahl 931 Pinion
  • Rennstahl 931 Pinion

With a frame bag in the middle, handlebar pack in the front, and the Tubus Fatrack, you can attach all kinds of bags. Rennstahl includes a SON front hub and a plug connection to charge up my gear. With 18 Pinion gears, the snow is never too high and the hills are never too steep. It’s a joy to ride, and I tend to veer off main trails to search out secret tracks and places when I’m on it.

Rennstahl 931 Pinion
  • Frame Rennstahl 931, Pinion, stainless steel
  • Fork Falkenjagd Titanium
  • Rims Kuroshio
  • Hubs SON (front) / Tune (rear)
  • Tires Schwalbe Jumbo Jim
  • Handlebars Ergon
  • Headset Falkenjagd
  • Crankset Pinion
  • Pedals 45NRTH
  • Cassette Pinion
  • Brakes Shimano XT
  • Shifter(s) Pinion
  • Saddle Brooks Cambium
  • Seatpost Falkenjagd Titanium
  • Stem Falkenjagd Titanium
  • Front bags BxB Bag (or Gramm Tourpacking)
  • Frame bags Revelate Designs
  • Rear bags Revelate Designs
  • Accessory bags Revelate Designs Feedbag (2), Jerry Can, MagTank 2000
  • Other accessories Tubus FatRack, Son Edelux, Ortlieb GravelPack

My next big trip will be a 4,000-kilometer, seven-week trip around the Ostsee—thumbs pressed! As I’m also following my passions for writing and photography, I never miss an occasion to get out and search for new spots. I especially like to shoot pictures from my million-star hotels. I always try to convey the same message through my work: just get out there, don’t wait for next time. Time is precious.

  • Rennstahl 931 Pinion
  • Rennstahl 931 Pinion

You can see more from Udo on Instagram @wwwudokahde and at UdoKah.de.

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