The first installment of Tristan Bogaard’s new “The Rider’s Saddle” video interview series features our friend Erick Cedeño, whose recent travels have been inspired by retracing historical routes by bike to reveal the truth behind largely forgotten histories. Watch the 90-minute video of their conversation here…

Photos by Belén Castelló (@belletoscan)

While in California to prepare for a ride along the Baja Divide in Mexico earlier this spring, Tristan Bogaard sat down with Erick Cedeño to kick off a long-anticipated new series that profiles interesting bikepackers and provides a deeper look and their stories through long-form interviews.

In this first episode of The Rider’s Saddle, Erick shares some insights into his upbringing and how the course of his life led him to become the “Bicycle Nomad” and how he grew to realize that the experience of traveling by bicycle became fuller when it considers the historical context of the places he pedaled. You can learn more about Erick’s ride of the Underground Railroad route, his retracing of the Buffalo Soldiers’ 1897 journey, and more in the video below.

  • Tristan Bogaard, Erick Cedeño
  • Tristan Bogaard, Erick Cedeño
Tristan Bogaard, Erick Cedeño



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