Just announced, Revel Wheels feature an all-new “Fusion-Fiber” carbon rim that’s made in the USA, fully recyclable, and touted as stronger and lighter than others. Find the full wheel specs and a great launch video from Revel Bikes…

Carbondale, Colorado-based Revel Bikes (co-creators of Why Cycles) just released Revel Wheels. The 29mm internal width carbon rims are made in America, 100% recyclable, and claimed to be lighter and stronger than others on the market. Revel’s rims are made from an all new Fusion-Fiber™ technology developed and manufactured in an aerospace facility in southern Utah. According to the company, the manufacturing process uses no environmentally harmful or brittle epoxy and can be fully recycled into other parts. Revel claims the high performance composite polymer also makes for a significantly more durable, lighter, and better riding wheel with a nice damped feel. Find the specs, pics, and a great launch video below.

Revel has rims and wheels available now in 27.5 and 29”. The RW30 is an enduro/trail rated rim. The 27.5 rim weighs 440 grams and the 29er weighs 470 grams. Revel worked with our friends at Industry Nine and all complete Revel wheels are built with either I9 1/1 or Hydra hubs and Sapim D-light spokes.

  • Wheel Sizes 27.5″, 29”
  • Internal Width 29mm
  • External Width 35mm
  • ERDs 547mm, 590mm
  • Spoke Count 28 or 32 Hole
  • Recommended Tire Width 2.3 – 2.6in
  • Front End Caps Options Torque & Standard
  • Driver Body Options XD or Microspline
  • Single Rim Weight 440g, 480g
  • Complete Wheelset Weight I9 Hydra Boost: 1730g, 1840g; I9 1/1 Boost: 1750g, 1870g
Revel Wheels
  • Revel Wheels
  • Revel Wheels

Revel rims are backed by a lifetime warranty and crash replacement policy. If a Revel rim should happen to break, Revel will send you a loaner set of wheels at no charge to use while they repair or replace your wheel. And, they even promise to cover shipping both ways. Rims retail for $699 each and are available in 28H and 32H drilling. Complete wheels are drilled 28H with 1/1 wheels coming in at $1975 and Hydra complete wheels are $2200.

Find out more at RevelBikes.com.



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