After 3 days and 20 hours, Robin Gemperle of Switzerland took first place at the 2023 Atlas Mountain Race, pushing through the challenging the 1,334km route despite extremely challenging conditions. Learn more here…

Photos by Nils Laengner

Over 200 riders gathered in Marrakesh, Morocco this past weekend for the 2023 Atlas Mountain Race. At 1,334 kilometers, this year’s route was longer than the previous versions and freezing temperatures challenged even the most prepared riders, which explains all of the photos of athletes riding in puffy jackets. 26-year-old Robin Gemperle of Switzerland settled in to the front of the race early, and despite missing a checkpoint that required some backtracking, he maintained his position right behind Justinas Leveika up until a few days ago. Mattia de Marchi took a short lead over the two front runners, but Robin managed to push ahead and snag first place just a few hours ago.

It’s interesting to note that Robin slept more that some of the other riders up front, which goes to show that some proper rest can mean a faster overall race. Although, on the final night he only slept for 12 minutes, so who really knows. According to the organizers, Robin had no crashes, only one puncture, one tagine, and one omelette. His official time was 3 days, 20 hours, 15 minutes. Congrats Robin!

2023 amr winner
  • 2023 amr winner
  • 2023 amr winner

There are still lots of riders out on the course, including many familiar names. Head over to the event page to follow along live.

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