Rockgeist just announced the Animalist, a featherlight sleeping pad with a bag that can be mounted to the handlebars. In addition, they re-released the Gondola dropper-post seat pack…

New Rockgeist Animalist Sleeping Pad

The Animalist is a simple closed-cell foam pad designed specifically for bikepackers who make weight, reliability and speed their top priority. The pad comes in two sizes at dimensions that carry well on a bike or strapped to a hydration pack. The Animalist is aimed at riders planning to tackle the CTR, AZTR, TD and other such events. It also might serve a purpose in cold weather bikepacking where it could be used in addition to an inflatable pad.

Rockgeist Animalist Sleeping Pad
  • Rockgeist Animalist Sleeping Pad
  • Rockgeist Animalist Sleeping Pad

Rockgeist founder Greg Hardy used a prototype on this past AZTR300 and wore it on his CamelBak. He found the solution ideal for such a race and mentioned, “It’s under four ounces and the cholla can’t pop it!” The Animalist actually weighs about 3.9 ounces (181 grams) — both sizes — to provide dramatic weight reduction compared to inflatable pads. It’s made from a cross-linked, closed-cell foam to create a durable and non-absorbent pad.

Rockgeist Animalist sleeping pad

The Animalist sleeping pad comes in two sizes. The thicker, shorter pad rolls to approximately the same diameter as the thinner, longer pad. Carrying strategies include fork, downtube, or straps for hydration pack mounting (each sold separately). Each pad ships with two basic straps; a Velcro one wrap strap and a nylon buckle strap. For $30 Rockgeist also offers a custom carrying case (as shown) in 500 denier Cordura or VX21 XPac.

  • Size (long) 18″W x 48″L x 0.1875″ thick
  • Size (short) 18″W x 36″L x 0.25″ thick
  • Weight 3.9 ounces (181 grams)
  • Price $20 (add $30 for case)
  • Contact

Gondola Dropper Post Seat Pack

The Gondola Seat Pack isn’t new. It’s actually been around for a while, and according to Greg, “It’s the first bikepacking saddlebag designed and sold for compatibility with dropper posts.” The Gondola uses strategically placed plastic supports and four attachment points to eliminate the seat post strap commonly found on seat packs.

Rockgeist Gondola Dropper Post Seat Pack
  • Rockgeist Gondola Dropper Post Seat Pack
  • Rockgeist Gondola Dropper Post Seat Pack

The original Gondola design has been updated to include larger volume capacity and increased separation from the dropper shaft (updated design seen here). A major design advantage that sets this bag apart is the rail tab located on the spine of the bag. A rail connection runs through the tab and anchors to the rail. This creates sustained separation between the bag and dropper shaft. A second set of webbing anchors higher up on the rail and is responsible for pulling the body of the bag up against the seat, away from the rear tire. The spine is also re-inforced with a plastic stay for rigidity. This design facilitates the 6.3 oz build, 5L capacity, and complete range of your dropper travel with no metal brackets. The new version will be available to order as of today.

Rockgeist Gondola Dropper Post Seat Bag
  • Rockgeist Gondola Dropper Post Seat Bag
  • Rockgeist Gondola Dropper Post Seat Bag

The Gondola dropper post seat pack is made to order and the depth of the bag is customizable at time of order for bikes with minimal rear tire clearance.

  • Capacity 4 liters
  • Weight 6.4 ounces (181 grams)
  • Price $85
  • Contact

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