Salsa’s new Bikes and Photography series recently showcased work from our own Neil and Logan, who’ve put together some very interesting reads for anyone who wants to learn more about shooting photos while riding. Find links to both stories here…

Debuted in November, Salsa Cycles’ new Bikes and Photography series is an informative, but not overly technical, look at the intersection between riding and photography. Salsa’s Kid Riemer kicked the series off with a detailed look at why he takes photos, the power of the cell phone you have in your back pocket, and loads of great tips and tricks for anyone looking to shoot more photos. Find Kid’s article here.

Since then, both Neil Beltchenko (our YouTube channel host) and founder Logan Watts have been invited to share their relationship with photography and their tactics while shooting from the saddle. You can find Neil’s article, Capturing Moments, here. And Logan’s, on Light and Memory, here.

  • Elks Traverse bikepacking route, crested butte, Colorado
  • Bikepacking Kyrgyzstan

Those interested in photography should check out our ongoing Rider’s Lens series, which highlights various photographers, artists, and storytellers who use bikepacking and bike travel as a means to their craft.



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