Over the past couple of years, our friends at Shift Cycling Culture have been asking some of the most talented filmmakers from around the cycling community to create short films showcasing the special places they think are worth protecting. We rounded them all up so you can watch the first six installments of “We Love Where We Ride” here…

If you’re not yet familiar with Shift Cycling Culture and the important work the people involved are doing, Shift is a network of individuals from across the cycling industry and broader community who are working together to address cycling’s environmental impacts. In working toward this goal, they’ve hosted virtual meet-ups, organized local rides, interviewed brands to discuss what they’re doing to create a more sustainable bike industry, and more.

They’ve also rounded up some of the most talented filmmakers in the cycling world and asked them to put together short videos that showcase the important places they think are worth protecting. And over the past couple of years, they’ve been periodically releasing these beautiful vignettes, which we’ve rounded up here today. In just three minutes, six filmmakers will whisk you away to dreamy trails on three different continents, capturing their essence in just a handful of shots. You can watch the first six installments of We Love Where We Ride below, along with lots of links to see more from the talented folks behind the films.

#06 – Ryan LeGarrec: Portugal

Shot while riding his local loops, filmmaker Ryan LeGarrec (whose films Tugende and The Length of Time we’ve shared on the site) captured the atmosphere in Portugal during COVID-19 lockdowns. See more from Ryan on Instagram @ryan_le_garrec.

#05 – Stefan Haehnel: Germany

For his vignette, Bikepacking Journal contributor Stefan Haehnel shared a glimpse of the endless network of dirt roads and trails that surround Berlin’s urban center, looking moody as ever. Don’t miss his beautiful custom Bonanno that we recently shared as a Reader’s Rig, and find more from him on Instagram @stefanhaehnel.

#04 – Antonin Michaud-Soret: France

French filmmaker Antonin Michaud-Soret, whose name you might recognize from his documentary, Onboard The Transcontinental Race, which we recently recognized in our 2020 Bikepacking Awards, transports us to France for his submission, sharing scenes from a beautiful bikepacking trip in the Alps. Be sure to check out his Reader’s Rig, and keep up with him on Instagram @ahstudiofilmmakers.

#03 – Brady Lawrence: Alaska

Back in 2015, two-time Bikepacking Journal contributor and creator of Into the Rift: The Story of the Atlas Mountain Race Brady Lawrence joined a group of friends for a 7,500-mile ride from the Florida Keys to the Arctic Ocean in support of the US National Parks. Near the end of their journey, he captured these scenes of a beautifully desolate stretch of Alaska and the pipeline that runs through it. You can follow Brady on Instagram @bradylawrencephoto.

#02 – Gianmarco Dodesini Valsecchi: Kyrgyzstan

While working on Wild Horses, the Silk Road Mountain Race documentary, filmmaker Gianmarco Dodesini Valsecchi shot this ominous footage of Kegeti Pass, an unforgettable spot we know well from our original scouting trip on the Tian Shan Traverse route in Kyrgyzstan. See more from him on Instagram @gianmarco_dv.

#01 – John Braynard: Austria

The We Love Where We Ride series kicked off with Salzburg-based John Braynard, whose beautiful documentation of Austria in winter perfectly set the tone for the videos that followed. Keep up with him on Instagram @jbraynard.

Learn more about Shift Cycling Culture and find out how you can get involved over at ShiftCyclingCulture.com.



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