Just released, the new SimWorks Doppo Locust is a true all-terrain bicycle. It features a handmade steel frame from Shin Hattori in Japan, many modern specs, and an eye-catching Cosmic Lavender paint job. Find photos, details, and a little about the matching Sim Loaders bag collection here…

As of this week, there are three models in SimWorks Doppo collection. To SimWorks, the Doppo lineup stands for three things: “Going alone, working on something independently, and nothing equal and superior to everything.” Last year, they released the SimWorks Doppo High Plains Drifter, a US-made modern take on a mountain flyer/klunker style bike, as well as the Doppo ATB, an all-terrain touring bike. In 2020, they released the Doppo MTB, featuring modern mountain bike standards and clearance for big tires. And, as of this week, SimWorks has rebranded it as the Doppo Locust. Find details on that and their new lineup of bags designed alongside the Locust below.

SimWorks Doppo Locust

The new SimWorks Doppo Locust is a rebranded version of the Doppo MTB that was released in 2020. According to SimWorks, modern “MTBs” are an ever-moving target so they sat back and thought about what the bike was actually for. In an effort to expand its purpose, they increased the size range to fit more people, and they chose Locust “to promise our self-restraint, so as not to destroy such delicate environments, but also to symbolize the insect’s fearlessness for thriving in unexplored areas.”

SimWorks Doppo Locust
  • SimWorks Doppo Locust
  • SimWorks Doppo Locust
  • SimWorks Doppo Locust

The SimWorks Doppo Locust is an all-terrain bicycle through and through. Frames are handmade in small batches by Shin Hattori, an accomplished builder based in Aichi, Japan. The frame is made from Chromoly steel (Tange no.3) tubes, comes with a matching Doppo Original MTB fork (also made from Tange steel), and features modern specs like boost hub spacing, thru-axles, internal dropper post routing, and a 30.9mm seatpost diameter. The fork has three-pack mounts and a fork crown hole, the main triangle has two standard bottle mounts, and you’ll find three-pack mounts under the downtube for additional cargo.

SimWorks Doppo Locust
  • SimWorks Doppo Locust
  • SimWorks Doppo Locust

Both the frame and fork can accommodate 27.5 × 2.8″ or 29 × 2.4″ tires, the rigid fork can be swapped out for a 120mm travel suspension fork, and externally routed cables and disc brakes come standard. SimWorks describes the Locust’s geometry as being inspired by “off-road hard tail classics,” with neutral handling for a wide range of terrain, a head tube angle that’s slack enough to point downhill without feeling sloppy on climbs, and tubes specced for maximum durability.

SimWorks Doppo Locust Specs

  • Sizes: M, L, XL
  • Frame: Chromoly Tube(Tange no.3)
  • Fork: Doppo Original MTB(Offset 47mm / Lenght 465mm)
  • Headtube: Top ZS 44mm, Bottom EC 44mm
  • Brakes: Front : IS Mount, Rear : Post 160mm mount
  • Max Tire Size: 27.5×2.8″/29×2.4″
  • Front Hub: 110x15mm Thru Axle
  • Rear Hub: 148x12mm Thru Axle
  • BB: 73mm BSA Threaded

The SimWorks Doppo Locust frameset costs $1,880 USD, and they are also offering discounts on build kit bundles if you’re looking for a complete. Head over to Sim.Works to learn more.

Sim Loaders Bag Collection

The new Sim Loaders bags were launched alongside the Locust, designed to complement it seamlessly. There are six bags in the collection, including a mid-sized handlebar bag, a full-sized frame bag cut and sized specifically for Doppo models, two sizes of saddle mounted bags, cargo cage stuff sacks, and a reboot of their Extra Rice and Beans bag that we tested earlier this year. Read on for details on the Voyageur Handlebar Bag and Cohiba Roll-Ups, which look the most interesting to us.

SimWorks SimLoaders Bags

SimWorks Voyageur Handlebar Bag

The new Voyageur Handlebar Bag is a mid-capacity, top-opening handlebar bag for big day rides or lightly packed overnight trips. It has an expandable top flap, daisy chains on the top and underside of the bag, a removable HDPE board insert that helps the bag keep its bottom shape, and a nylon liner with a cinch closure to keep the elements out and your gear dry. There is a midline compression strap (under the main flap), two exterior straps, and a fiberglass rod supports the daisy chain handlebar attachment points along the backside of the bag.

Sim Loaders
  • Sim Loaders
  • Sim Loaders

The Voyageur Handlebar Bag has a 12L capacity, measures out to 15 x 6 x 8″ (WxLxH), and weighs 700 grams (24.5 ounces). Like the other bags in the Sim Loader collection, it’s made from EPX200 EcoPak with a waterproof 400D Nylon liner. It costs $248 USD and is available to purchase here.

SimWorks Cohiba Roll-Ups

Another interesting bag in the new lineup is the Cohiba Roll-Ups, a durable stuff sack designed to fit cargo cages. It has two lengths of daisy chain along the front to run your favourite cargo straps through, uses a simple roll-top closure, and is made from EcoPak with a high-vis nylon liner. They provide up to 5L of additional packing space, weigh 200 grams (7 ounces), and cost $72. Check them out here.

SimWorks Cohiba
  • SimWorks Cohiba
  • Sim Loaders

The entire lineup is handmade in Portland, Oregon, from EcoPak EPX200. All bags have a waterproof 400D Nylon liner and are available in three unique colors: Cougar (coyote), Peacock (teal), and Graph Paper (white). Prices range from $70 USD right up to $248. You can see the entire collection at Sim.Works.

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