Last night, after 1,675 kilometers and 32,500 meters of climbing, Sofiane Sehili took first place at the third edition of the Inca Divide Race in Peru. Here are the details, plus a few photos of Sofiane during the event…

Photos by BikingMan / IncaDivide 2019

Yesterday evening, Sofiane Sehili finished the 2019 Inca Divide Race in Peru in first place, while also becoming the first French athlete to win a BikingMan event in the 9 events they’ve hosted. Sofiane’s finish time was a mind blowing 5 days, 15 hours, 40 minutes, riding 1,675 km with 32,500m of climbing. This comes after Sofiane decided to drop out of this year’s Tour Divide race, so we expect he’s on top of the world right now! Congrats Sofiane!

Peru’s own Rodney Soncco still holds the Inca Divide record with a time of 127 hours and 22 minutes, but the route does change every year, so it’s hard to compare the athlete’s efforts at all. Rodney was also competing in this year’s event, and took second place this afternoon. His final time was 6 days, 6 hours, and 39 minutes. Congrats to the finishers and good luck to all the riders still out there.

Sofiane Sehili Inca Divide 2019
  • Sofiane Sehili Inca Divide 2019
  • Sofiane Sehili Inca Divide 2019
  • Sofiane Sehili Inca Divide 2019



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